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FAQ по построению карт в Duke Nukem 3D

Секция 3 из 3 - Предыдущая - Следующая
Все секции - 1 - 2 - 3

        you want the height of the floor to be before the quake.  It's really
        hard to get it perfect.  Sometimes you'll get raised floors that just
        won't go down.  In that case, I presume you have a slope.  Put the 2
        sptires (Sector Effector and MASTERSWITCH on the AXIS of the slope.
        The last sprite to add is a TOUCHPLATE sprite (#3) in the sector that
        will activate the quake.  (The darkened sector in QUAKE.MAP)
        STEP 4: Give ALL the Sector Effectors a Lotag of '2'.  Give the
        TOUCHPLATE sprite a unique Lotag.  Give the same lotag as you gave
        the touchplate to the MASTERSWITCH sprites.  That's it!

        A.) To make the earthquake make scraps of rock and metal fly around,
        put a sector effector sprite where you want the scraps to start.
        Give it a lotag of '33'.  Now, if you want stuff to just roll around
        on the ground, keep it on the ground.  To make it come from the air,
        raise the SE 33 sprite to the cieling.
        B.) To make Duke say "Holy Shit!" when he steps on the touchplate
        sector, give the touchplate SECTOR a Lotag of 10225.

4.38 Light Switches
        Map Name: SWLITES.MAP
        This is easy.  Here's the step-by-step:
        STEP 1: Make a sector.
        STEP 2: Set the sector brightness (Use ALT + +/- in 3D Mode) to
        how bright it should be when the lights are on.  Then, set
        the shade of everything that you want dark when the lights are out.
        (Use '+S while pointing at the desired wall/floor/ceiling/sprite)
        Mine is 50, which is totally dark.
        STEP 3: Put a light switch on the wall.  Give it a unique Lotag.
        Put Sector Effector sprites in ALL the sectors that will be lit up
        when the switch is turned on.
        STEP 4: Give the Sector Effector(s) a Hitag that is equal to the
        switches Lotag.
        STEP 5: Give the Sector Effector(s) a Lotag of 12.  That's it!

4.39 Open Door, Room Lights Up
        Map Name: DRLITES.MAP
        I'll use the step-by-step method for this one:
        STEP 1: Make 3 sectors, you know, a room (to be lit up), a lit
        room, maybe with ligihts in the back, and the door sector.  To
        make it look cool when the room lights up, make 2 extra sectors
        on either side.  You know, make it look a bit like my map.  That's
        the way I like it, your choice.
        STEP 2: Do the same thing you did in step 2 of section 4.33.
        STEP 3: Put a Sector Effector sprite in the door sector, and in
        all the sectors that will be lit up when the door is opened.
        STEP 4: Give all the Sector Effector sprite a unique Hitag, and
        a Lotag of 8.  You're done!

4.40 Shooters
        Map Name: SHOOTERS.MAP
        I couldn't think of a better name for it, so this section is called
        shooters.  You know, things that shoot shrinkers, mortars, lasers,
        etc.  Here's how to do it:
        STEP 1: Make your sector that the shot will come from.  Make it
        look nice.
        STEP 2: In that sector, put a Sector Effector sprite, a GSPEED sprite,
        and a MASTERSWITCH sprite.
        STEP 3: You MUST have a switch turn the shooter on, so put a switch
        STEP 4: Give the switch and the MASTERSWITCH sprite a unique Lotag.
        Give the MASTERSWITCH sprite a Hitag of 50.
        STEP 5: Place the sector effector where you want the shot to come
        from, and angle it to where it will shoot. (The rockets and lasers
        ait themselves, but do it anyway, or they just crash into a wall).
        Give the sector effector a Lotag of 36.
        STEP 5: Now, to decide what to shoot.  Do this by giving the GSPEED
        sprite one of the following Lotags:
        1636 = Lizard Goobs
        1625 = Alien Lasers
        1650 = Mortars (Like the first boss throws)
        2605 = Rockets
        2556 = Shrinkers
        You've made a shooter!  If you don't understand, look at SHOOTERS.MAP.

3.41 Switches For Forcefields

        Карта: SWFORCE.MAP

        Я это не проверял - простите меня, если что.

        Сначала сделайте стену - силовое поле, и переключатель. Замаскируйте
        стену, задайте ей текстуру #663. Отмаскируйте стену.  Задайте  СТЕНЕ
        уникальный лотаг, его же задайте переключателю. Все.

4.42 Difficulty Settings

        Карта: NONE

        Это просто. Задайте монстрам лотаги:
        2: Skill level 2
        3: Skill level 3&4 (Skill 4 - просто они еще и воскресают)

4.43 Echo

        Карта: ECHO.MAP

        Чтобы сделать эхо в секторе,  поставьте  MUSIC&SFX  (#5)  в  него  и
        задайте хайтаг - как далеко его будет слышно, и лотаг - сколько  раз
        выстрел отразится.

4.44 Pulsating Lights
        Map Name: PULSATE.MAP
        This is yet ANOTHER thing that the BUILDHLP file has wrong info on.
        To do this, put a CYLCER sprite (#7) in the sector.  Make the shade
        (use ALT+S) on the walls and cieling of the sector how dark the room
        will get when the lights are out, and set the shade of the cycler
        sprite to how bright the room will get.  At this point, it will work.
        It will be really fast pulsating, though.  To change the speed, give
        the cycler sprite a Hitag.  Any Hitag, make it unique.  Then, add
        a GSPEED sprite (#10).  Give it the same Hitag as you gave the cycler.
        Then, give the GSPEED a Lotag.  This is how fast the lights will
4.45 Elevator Transports
        Map Name: ELETRANS.MAP
        First, sorry I kinda copied 3D Realms' design for my map, put that
        was just simply the best way to make it. :)  Now, elevator transports
        transport you from one elevator to another, simulating rooms over
        rooms.  They're not perfect, as sometimes they jump a little when
        going down.  They're also hard to get perfect...but read on cuz here's
        the step-by-step:
        STEP 1: Make your elevators.  They must be the same EXACT size, shape,
        and the cieling should be the EXACT distance from the floor.  Make
        your textures all EXACTLY the same (this is the hard part, takes
        awhile to get perfect).  You then should raise the cieling of both
        elevator sectors and change the "shaft" texture, as well as lowering
        the floors of both to change the "shaft" textures.  This is important
        because if everything is not panned exactly as the other elevator,
        it will not look right at all.
        STEP 2:  Add a sector effector sprite in both of the elevator sectors
        in the EXACT same spot.  Use grid to be sure.  (notice all of the
        exacts in this).  Give them a Lotag of 17, and give them both the
        same Hitag (doesn't matter, as long as it's the same).  Now, decide
        which elevator sector you will start on.  Change the shade of that
        elevator's sector effector (use ALT+S in 3D mode) to something darker
        than the other one.  I used 32.
        STEP 3: Give both the elevator sectors a SECTOR Lotag of 15.  Next,
        figure out the TOP floor that the elevator will transport to.  Give
        that floors elevator sector a Hitag of 1.  Try it!  If you still have
        trouble, look at ELETRANS.MAP for help before emailing me.

4.46 Blastable Walls
        Map Name: HOLE.MAP
        Step 1: Make the following sectors:
                        :                    :
                        :                    :____
                        :                    :_A__:
                        :                    :_B__:
                        :                    :_C__:
                        :                    :
                        :                    :
        Sectors A, B, and C should be all valid player space.  We could have
        sectors A, B, and C as all one sector, but we want our hole to look
        cool.  So make it 3, and arrange the slopes of the floor and ceiling
        and the heights of the floor and ceiling until you've got a nice hole.
        Add nice textures, the stuff inside the hole will be what it looks like
        when blown out.
        Step 2:  Put a crack sprite somewhere.  It really doesn't matter where,
        it'll work just the same. I prefer in front of the hole. :)  Make sure
        that it's directly on a wall, though.  Give the crack a Hitag.
        Something unique, not the same as any other cracks.  I used 213 in
        my map.
        Step 3: Place a Sector Effector *Sprite* in sectors A, B, and C.
        Give them your unique Hitag, and a Lotag of '13'.
        Step 4: Place a C-9 sprite in sectors A, B, and C.  Now, go into 3D
        mode.  Use the '4' and '6' keys on your NUMBERPAD to shrink the C-9
        WIDTHWISE as much as possible.  If you don't know what I mean, look
        at my map.
        Step 5: Go back into 2D mode.  Give each of the C-9's your special
        Hitag.  Now, the Lotag for the C-9's is up to you.  That determines
        how long it will be before the C-9 blows up.  You can have it happen
        right away, a long way away so the player walks up to the hole and has
        C-9 blown up in his face, or all three go at different times.  For now,
        just put 20 for the middle one, 40 for the left one, and 60 for the
        right one.  This makes a nice explosion, and is not bad for a
        beginners hole.
        Step 6: You're done!  Play the level!  In future hole designing, you
        might want to know this:
        1. You can have the crack shatter as many sectors as you want, just
        make sure they are of all equal Hitags.
        2. If you want a HUGE explosion that'll last about 10 seconds, fill
        the ENTIRE room with C-9, shrink them all, and give them your
        Hitag.  Set them all for different times, and watch it blow!  Set
        records for how long you can stay alive with C-9 blowing up in your
        3. Have JUST C-9 blow a hole by replacing the crack with a C-9
        sprite.  Make sure it's not on the wall, and KABOOM!
        4. Use KEXTRACT to extract the original levels, get ideas from them.

4.47 Destructable Buildings/Floor Lowering
        Map Name: BUILDBLO.MAP
        First, you must understand the following:
        To lower floors, use SE 13.  Apparantly, SE 13, which is used
        to make blastable walls, is actually a floor lowerer.  But, without
        a GSPEED sprite applied to it, you don't see it lower the floor.
        Now, here's the step-by-step:
        STEP 1: Create the result of the building blowing up.  Put a
        SECTOR EFFECTOR, MASTERSWITCH, and GSPEED sprite in every sector
        that will be affected.
        STEP 2: Give the GSPEED sprite a Lotag of 64 (this is just how fast
        the building will blow, and seems to be standard speed.  Anything
        faster causes a VERY slow frame rate).  Give the SECTOR EFFECTOR
        a Lotag of 13, and a unique Hitag (make it up).  Give the MASTER
        SWITCH sprites a Lotag equal to the SECTOR EFFECTORs Hitag.
        STEP 3: Put a switch or touchplate somewhere.  Give it a Lotag that
        is equal to the MASTERSWITCH sprite Lotags.

        Now, if you just wanted to have the floor lower, this would not
        work.  For some odd reason, you MUST have a C-9 sprite somewhere.
        What I do is make a room somewhere in the corner of my map.  I put
        2 sprites, a C-9 sprite and a MASTERSWITCH sprite.  The MASTERSWITCH
        sprites Lotag should be equal to the switches Lotag, and the C-9
        should have the same number as it's Hitag, but no Lotag.

        STEP 4:  Now, the C-9.  Place C-9 wherever you want.  Keep in mind
        that wherever you place the C-9, at whatever hieght, that's where
        it will blow up.  Be creative with this fact along with timing!
        STEP 5: Give the C-9 a Hitag that is equal...to...guess...the...
        could it be...the switches Lotag.  The Lotag for the C-9 is the time
        delay before it explodes.
        STEP 6: Put a MASTERSWITCH sprite in EVERY sector that you put C-9 in.
        Give it the same Lotag as the switches Lotag.  You're done!
4.48 Crushers
        Map Name: CRUSHERS.MAP
        These are like an engine piston.  The cieling of these sectors come
        up and down and crush you.  To do this, set the sector's cieling to
        how high it will go, and the floor to how low it will go (duh).  Put
        a SECTOR EFFECTOR in there and give it a Lotag of 25.  That's it!
        Now, my sector effectors are at different hieghts.  This signifies
        the start point.

4.49 Shots Fired In Sector, Cieling Comes Down

        Карта: SHOTLOW.MAP

        Это ОЧЕНЬ простая процедура, но выглядит круто. Что происходит - так
        это если в секторе слышен взрыв, так потолок падает вам  на  голову.
        Поставьте SE в сектор, задайте лотаг 19. Готово!

4.50 Rotate/Rise Sector
        Map Name: ROTRISE.MAP
        This is easy.  Make the sector that will rotate and rise.  Put an
        activator, and a sector effector in that sector.  Now, put a
        switch or touchplate somewhere.  Give it a Lotag.  Give the
        activator the same Lotag as the switch.  Give the sector
        effector a Hitag that is equal to the switchs' Lotag.  (Leave
        the Hitag alone)  Give the rotate-rise sector a Lotag of 30.
        Now, decide on a rotation point for the sector.  Put a sector
        effector there.  Give the sector effector a Lotag of 1, and a
        Hitag that is equal to the switchs' Lotag.  Done!
4.51 Stretch Sector
        Map Name: STRETCH.MAP
        This is used to stretch a sector whatever way you want.  Real cool
        STEP 1: Make the sector that will be stretched.
        STEP 2: Give that sector a Lotag of 27.
        STEP 3: Place 3 sprites in the sector.
        STEP 4: Put a switch somewhere.
        STEP 5: Change the three sprites to a sector effector, activator and
        GSPEED sprites.
        STEP 6: Give the switch a Lotag.  Give the activator the same Hitag.
        Give the sector effector a Hitag that is equal to the switch's Lotag
        and a Lotag of 20.  Point the sector effector the way you want the
        sector to stretch.  Give the GSPEED sprite a Lotag of how far you
        want the sector to stretch.
4.52 Cielings And Floors (Dropping)
        Map Name: DRFLRCLN.MAP
        The title says it all.  Drop floors and cielings, all with one sector
        effector.  Here's how:
        STEP 1: Make the sector to be affected.  Give THAT sector a Lotag of
        STEP 2: Place 3 sprites in the sector: a sector effector, an activator,
        and a GSPEED.
        STEP 3: Decide what you want to drop.  If it is the floor, go to
        step 4F.  If the cieling, go to 4C.
        STEP 4F: Change the angle of the sector effector sprite so that it
        points toward the bottom of the map.
        STEP 5F: Give the sector effector a Lotag of 21.  Make up a number
        and give it to the activator as a Lotag.  Give the GSPEED sprite
        a Lotag.  This sets the rate at which the floor drops.  I used 10.
        STEP 6F:  Lower the floor to where you want it to end up.  Raise the
        sector effector sprite to the start position of the floor.
        STEP 7F: Put a switch somewhere.  Give it the same Lotag as the
        STEP 4C: Change the angle of the sector effector sprite so that it
        points toward the top of the map.
        STEP 5C: Give the sector effector a Lotag of 21.  Make up a number
        and give it to the activator as a Lotag.  Give the GSPEED sprite
        a Lotag.  This sets the rate at which the cieling drops.  I used 10.
        STEP 6C:  Raise the cieling to where you want it to start.  Lower the
        sector effector sprite to the end position of the cieling.
        STEP 7C: Put a switch somewhere.  Give it the same Lotag as the

4.53 2-Way Trains

        Карта: 2WAYCAR.MAP

        Сначала сделайте ваш сектор для вагона.  Задайте   ему   лотаг   31,
        сделайте с ним что  угодно.   Если  вы  хотите,  сделайте  несколько
        секторов с лотагом 31.  Поставьте два  спрайта,  SE  и  активатор  в
        вагон.  Далее, повесьте где-нибудь кнопку, в  вагоне,  если  хотите.
        задайте ей и активатору  одинаковый  лотаг.  Задайте  SE  лотаг  30.
        Далее,  определите  маршрут.   Поставьте  два  локатора  где-нибудь.
        Первый локатор, который определяет, куда поедет вагон,  должен  быть
        расположен позади поезда и  иметь  лотаг  1.  Другой  -  все  равно,
        оставьте его как есть. Готово!

5.1 Palette List
        This is a list of all of the palette numbers and thier uses.  Palettes
        affect 3 different things (I'll use the stripper for an example
        because that's the most used for palette change): The backround (skin)
        the foreground (suit) and fore-foreground (just a name I made up)
        affects stuff like money, accessories, etc.
        0 Normal
        1 This can make a sprite multi-player only, also a light color.
        2 Everything is red.  Most often used as a light color.
        3 Normal on sprites, but if applied to a SE 7 that will transport
        underwater, you will swin in muck instead of water.  Also, set this
        to the floor and cieling of a BIGORBIT parallax cieling and/or
        floor, and you won't die when you enter the sector.
        4 Everything is solid black
        5 Normal
        6 Night vision look (you wouldn't normally use this, it's for the game
        to designate night vision.  You could use it, though.)
        7 Everything has a greenish-yellow tint.  Can be used for yellow
        8 Everything is light green.
        9 Normal.
        10 Foreground is red.
        11 Foreground is light green.
        12 Foreground is light grey.
        13 Foreground is dark grey.
        14 Foreground is dark green.
        15 Foreground is brown.
        16 Foreground is dark blue.
        17 Backround blue, foreground green.
        18 Same as 11.
        19 Backround red, foreground grey.
        20 Backround blue, foreground grey.
        21 This does a bunch of things.  On most, turns foreground red.  BUT,
        use this palette to change a regular boss to a mini-boss (doesn't end
        game if killed) or to make a (lemme get my manual out, here...oh
        an assault trooper an assault captain.
        22 Foreground is light grey
        23 Foreground is yellow.
        24 Normal.
        25 Fore-foreground is red.

5.2 Facts On Dimensions

        Это я выдрал из базы сообщений  Apogee,  автор  -  Per-Erik  Nilsson
        (perni@lysator.liu.se). Все это  измерено  в  единицах,  на  которые
        поднимают/опускают  клавиши  PgUp/PgDn.  Для  стрельбы  прицеливание
        вверх-вниз не использовалось.

        Мера                                      Дюк стоит       Дюк присел
        Минимальная высота сектора для Дюка          11*            6
        Макс. высота, на к-рую Дюк заходит            3             0
        Макс. высота стены, к-рую Дюк перестреливает  8(9)**        3(4)**
        Мин. высота потолка, под к-рым Дюк прострелит 10(9)**       5(4)**
        То же, но с RPG                               11            6
        Макс. высота прыжка Дюка                      20            0
        Мин. высота стены, на к-рой стоит мина        10            4

        *  Дюк войдет и в сектор высоты 10, но автоматически присядет.
        ** Второе число - когда только некоторые выстрелы пройдут

5.3 Sound List

        Я не собираюсь давать полный список  звуков - читайте  DEFS.CON,  со
        строки 646.

5.4 Quick SE Number List
        0: Rotate sector
        1: Rotate point for SE 0
        2: Earthquake
        3: Random lights after shot out
        4: Random lights
        5: Reserved
        6: Subway engine
        7: Transport
        8: Up open door lights
        9: Down open door lights
        10: Door auto close (set Hitag to delay)
        11: Swinging Door
        12: Light switch
        13: Hole maker, floor lowerer
        14: Subway car
        15: Sliding door (ST 25)
        16: Reserved
        17: Elevator transport (ST 15)
        18: Reserved
        19: Lower cieling when explosion hits sector
        20: Stretch sector (ST 27)
        21: Drop floor (ST 28)
        22: Prong for teeth doors
        23: Reserved
        24: Conveyor belt of water current
        25: Crusher
        26: Reserved
        27: Camera for playback
        28: Reserved
        29: Float sector
        30: 2 way train (ST 31)
        31: Floor rise
        32: Cieling lower
        33: Jibs for earthquakes
        34: Shooter

5.5 Quick Sector Tag Guide
        1: On top of water
        2: Underwater
        9: Sliding Star Trek door
        15: Elevator transport (SE 17)
        16: Elevator platform down
        17: Elevator platform up
        18: Elevator down
        19: Elevator up
        20: DOOM-door
        21: Down door
        22: Split from middle door
        23: Swing door
        25: Sliding door
        26: Splitting Star Trek door
        27: Stretch sector (SE 21)
        28: Drop floor (SE 21)
        29: Teeth door prong (SE 22)
        30: Rotate-rise sector
        31: 2-way train
        10+: Play sound when player walks on sector (+ is sound #)
        32767: Secret room
        65535: End level

5.6 Hints And Tips

        1. Ставьте много спрайтов. Без них жить плохо.
        2. Используйте тени. Много теней. Это круто!
        3. Не давайте зеркалам "видеть" друг друга, это проблематично.
        4.   "    "   "     камерам "видеть" друг друга, будут пробемы.
        5. ЧАСТО СОХРАНЯЙТЕСЬ!!! BUILD вылетает очень  часто,  особенно  под
           Win'95. Сохраняйтесь  каждые  2-3  минуты,  пусть  это  войдет  в
        6. НЕ пускайте BUILD под Win'95! При этом он чаще вылетает!
        7. Делайте сюрпризы. Пускай игрок почаще наступает на  тачплейты, от
           которых перед ним возникают монстры, или  все  взрывается.  Пусть
           C-9 вспыхивает прямо перед его носом, когда  он  идет  что-нибудь
        8. Если вам неочень хочется, не морочьте голову уровнями  сложности.
           Люди их редко используют.
        9. Смотрите на чужие карты - воруйте идеи.
        10. Желайте убить игрока!!!

        I get a lot of email now about this FAQ, and on how to do stuff
        that's not in it.  Now that this is here...PLEASE do NOT email me with
        ANY questions that are in here.  I will not respond.  (sorry!)  Well,
        here's the question and answer portion of this FAQ:

        Q: My subway is going crazy!  It shoots rockets at me!  Help!
        A: The only way to get a subway to stop firing rockets is to
        take the parallaxing off of the cieling of the subway.
        Q: When I go into 3D mode, my screen gets all screwed up!
        A: Ok, people on #dukeedit, #duke3d, and others on the Apogee
        message base are tired of people asking this question.  It has
        been asked SO many times, and we're getting tired of it.  The
        answer has been posted SOOOOO many times, so PLEASE don't ask this
        on IRC, message bases, or email.  The answer to this question is
        Q: I tried making a fish tank.  When I look into the glass, I don't
        see water.  Am I doing something wrong?
        A: Yes, you are doing something wrong. :)  I have included TANK.MAP
        in the ZIP file.  If you cannot figure it out from there, basically,
        it is the brown glass texture (check example map for #) masked onto
        the wall as the glass.  The glass has a Palette # of 1.  Press the
        'T' key once in 3D mode to make it transparent.
        Q: How do I change the direction of a sprite?
        A: Go into 2D mode.  Point at the sprite and use the < and > keys
        to move the little tail.
        Q: BUILD keeps locking up!  Help!
        A: Well, it really is a shame that Apogee made an editor and won't
        support it.  But, the cause of this problem depends on where it
        is happening.  If you are scrolling textures when it locks up,
        it's usually caused by your hard disk.  You probably have a low-end
        piece of crap like Maxtor or Packard Bell.  Get a new hard drive is
        the only solution.  If it's anything else (like deleting sectors, etc)
        all I can suggest is save once a minute.  This sounds rediculous, but
        you, like me, will get used to it. (I have a maxtor hard drive :()
        Q: BUILD sucks.  Is there another editor available?
        A: No, not currently.  Sorry.
        Q: When I'm in editart, I can't see any or all of the graphics.  What
        should I do?
        A: You have to use KEXTRACT to extract the .ART files.  Use the
        following command line:
        Q: How do I import graphics into Editart?
        A: I am not really familiar with editart.  Sorry, I can't help you.
        Q: I'm sick of hearing the same old song in my level.  How do I
        change it?
        A: You don't, really.  It's not like DOOM where you could put different
        music into WADs.  You'll have to create your own .GRP file.
        Q: I've noticed an error in your FAQ. <error goes here>
        A: Thanks a bunch, I'll give you credit!  (this is one you SHOULD email
        Q: I'm having lots of trouble with something.  Where else can I go for
        A: Well, go to me.  Email the level to gmoser@gramercy.ios.com.  If
        you are using AOL, be sure to say what the name of the level is in the
        note, or I can't get it properly.  Only problem with asking me is that
        it's guaranteed fixed, BUT, it's not guaranteed that I'll remember to
        send you the fixed product.  After you send it, wait 2-3 days, and
        email me with the name of the MAP I sent you.  I'll send it back.
        Q: <thing that's not in here> is not in your FAQ.  I need help!
        A: Sure.  Just email.  I can do a lot more than what's in here. :)
        Q: How do I set difficulty levels?
        A: See section 4.39.
        Q: How do I make that cool lighting effect that looks like rippling
        A: You don't, at least not as a lighting effect anyway.  You put
        a certain texture on the wall.  The number is #853.
        Q: How do I place a sector effector?
        A: A sector effector is a sprite.  Go into 2D mode.  Place a sprite
        somewhere (press the 'S' key).  Go into 3D mode.  Point to the sprite
        you created, and press 'V'.  Change it to sprite #1, the sector
        effector.  Add appropriate tags.
        Q: How do I make a forcefield like in the space levels?
        A: It happens automaticly, if you look out into a sector with the
        BIGORBIT texture palallaxed as the floor and cieling.
        Q: What's the difference between pink and blue sprites?
        A: Pink sprites block you from going through, blue ones do not. You
        can toggle this in 2D mode by pressing 'B' while pointing at the
        Q: How can I make it so that my door frame doesn't go up and down
        with my door?
        A: Press the 'O' key in 3D mode while pointing at the door frame.


        7.1 MAP Authoring Template

        То же самое лежит в .ZIP. Заполните и приложите к уровню.

Title                 : Name of your level
Author                : Your name
E-mail                : Your email adress
Web Page              : Your URL, if you have one

Description           : Set the mood here

Additional Credits to : Anybody that you would like to thank for helping
you, etc.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #   :
Single Player         : Yes/No
DukeMatch Level       : Yes/No
Difficulty Settings   : Yes/Not implemented

* Construction *

Base                  : New level from scratch/Modified (Map name)
Editor(s) used        :
Known Bugs            :

* Where to get this MAP file *

FTP sites:

BBS numbers:



        7.2 Uploading Your Level
        The final step is to upload your level.  Here are some good places
        to upload them:

        Send them to:

        Upload them to:
        (If you have it) AOL: Keyword: 3D Realms

        Post them to:

        Если вы держите дюковский сайт - сообщите мне, я поведаю о нем миру.
        * Это я. Пошлите мне ваш уровень. Я не просто хочу выложить его на
          свой сайт, но и посмотреть, как работает мой FAQ.

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