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Список plug-in'ов для LightWave 3D

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P2OBJ Particle to Object  - Object substitution for Particle Storm particles

PalTool        - Pallete control for Lightwave intended for the Web and Games

PantherD UnrealSaver  - Displacement plug-in that allows export to UnrealEd

Parent         - Allows dynamic parenting of objects and bones over time

Parent Copy    - Object parenting for Layout

Parent-Bone The Revenge  - A replacement for Newtek's often maligned
                 Parentbone plugin. Supports temporal offsets and other

ParentIt       - Parent any item to any other item, allowing you to select
                 which "attributes" the child should inherit

Part Saver     - Saves connected polygons as a series of numbered object

PartDivider    - Pulls a selected area of a model into another layer

Particle Clone  - Clones an object in the foreground layer at the positions
                 of points in the backgrond layer

particle clone II  - A more advanced version of the original particle clone

Particle Storm  - Advanced Particle Effects System

ParticleType   - Particle Replacement Plug-in

Partycles      - Particle Effects, gravity, collision

Partycles Free  - Particle animation system

Patch-supporters  - Smooths selected (by radius) areas of a spline cage

Path Converter  - Convert the paths for all scene attributes to a new
                 content directory

Path to Motion/Motion to Path  - A replacement Path to Motion and Motion
                 to Path converter

Path to Spline  - Converts paths to splines in Modeler

Path_To_Motion  - Converts Paths to Motions

Pathfinder     - Bundles an entire scene's elements together for transport

PDB            - Functional, no frills PDB (Brookhaven Protein Database)
                 reader for modeler

Peek           - Windows Shell extension that allows a Lightwave property
                 page for scene files

Perception     - Lets you preview on the DPS Perception from within Layout

PGL            - Assign bones to points and control deformations

PGL Editor     - Lets you assign which points are affected by which bone
                 Designed for Playstation

PhaseLink      - Allows easy control of complex cycled motion

Pickup         - Pick polys in an individual layer when more than one is
                 in foreground

Planar1P       - Fixes non-planar polys individually

Plane Belt Optimizer  - Optimizes selected "rows" of polygons by merging them

Plane Belt Selector  - Select sucessive polygons that ajoin one selected poly

Plane To Sphere  - Funnily enough, it morphs a plane into a sphere!

PlantStudio    - Botanical Illustration Software with .dxf output

PlayPoints     - Particle manipulation displacement map plugin

Plugin Launcher  - Allows you to assign a number of plugins and tools to
                 an alternative menuing system

Plume          - Volumetric gas pixel filter plugin

PMix           - Macintosh User Needed to Decode and Figure Out!

PntSlice       - Knifes across polys based on point selection

Point Belt Selector  - Select a Line of points based on a small directional
                 point selection

Point Fit      - Conforms foreground points to background object (s)

Point Handles  - Grab ahold of arbitrary groups of points on an object
                 within Layout and manipulate them

Point_Selector  - Allows grouping and selection of point clusters

Point2Null     - Create SCENE FILE with null, from the points allocated
                 by modeler

PointAt        - Keyframeable parenting and targeting with auto-translation

PointClone+    - Clones points (and attached polys) with definable
                 randomized scaling and translation

PointFolio     - Assists the point selection process in Lightwave Modeler

PointPlane     - Creates a spread of points with defined spacing

Points2Scene.ls  - Place Objects, Nulls or Lights onto points

Points2String.ls  - Make 2-point polys on selected points

PointScale     - Moves or creates points according to a variety of criteria

PointsInObject.ls  - Fills object with evenly spaced points

PointStretch   - Scale points based on location of other or center position

PointSustitReprod  - Selection of objects to be reproduced depending on
                 whether they are in the FG or BG layer

PointToLinePolygon  - Creates a definable number of randomized lines
                 within an object boundry

Poke           - An effector displacement plugin with history

Polaki         - Radial cloning tool. Free

PolyBreak      - Slices a complex model to pieces with given radius and

PolyFit        - Conform forground polygons to background object on
                 single axis

Polygon Cruncher  - Polygon reduction system

Polygon Eater  - Polygon Reduction plugin from Sony Japan

PolygonClone   - Clones objects and scenes in a variety of ways

PolygonToPoints  - Selects the points of selected polygons

Polys2Curves   - Converts every edge of polygons to independent open curve

PolySplitter   - Splits polygons by definable variables

PolyTrans      - Object and Scene conversion including textures and lights

PostPro-Pack   - Collection of plugins is for those who need to combine
                 real images with LightWave3D-scenes

Potentiometer  - The Dissolve value of the control object is converted
                 directly to the percentage value of the surface parameter
                 it's controlling

PowerPlugins   - Collection. Focal Distance, BlowUp, Pie Chart, Flip
                 around Polygon, Snake Maker, Swarm, Smooth Velocity
                 and many more

PowerShapes    - Stand-alone patch modeler with Plug-in import/export

Prem's nifty Delayer  - Delays motions, even cyclic ones, by an arbitrary
                 number of seconds

Progressive Align  - Aligns polygons, selections by direct contact
                 with other polys

Project Directory Maker  - Creates custom project directories for scenes

Puppet Master  - Displacement plug-in that allows you to animate objects
                 in segments and "stitch" them back together

PuppetMaster Primer  - Automates setup of puppet master scenes

qemLOSS2       - Polygon Reduction

Quad Sew       - Sews pairs of quads together, kind of like skinning

QuadFlip       - Inverts the shared polygonal boundary of a quadralateral

QueueMan       - Drop-in replacement for LScript's built-in interprocesses
                 communication mechanism

Quick Morph    - Morphing for Modeler by selection, percentage..

Quick Select Surfaces  - Selects all polygons with the same surface as the

Quicktime 3.0 Animation Saver  - Quicktime animation format saver

QV             - replaces the Full-Size Window render display

Radiance       - Lens Flare Simulator

Radiant        - External Lens Flare and Light Effect Application

Radius         - Creation of rounded boxes and planes with a certain radius

RailScale      - Scale and Rail Extrusion

Rampage        - Creates and manages complex crowd scenes

Rand Line      - Creates a series of random points or two point polygons

Random Negative Lines  - Image filter that creates random negative (or
                 black) lines

Random Point Distribution  - Single point polygon maker

Randomize LightColor  - Light Color Randomizer for use with LightSwarm

Randomize Motion  - Randomize object position, direction and scale

RandomizeItem  - Randomize Items

RandomSelect   - Select a defined percentage of randomized points or polys

RandomSelector  - Selects Random Points

RandPointInObject  - Creates a definable number of random points within
                 an object boundry

RandStars      - User controllable randomized star field generator

Rational Reducer  - Polygon Reduction application

RE-mapper      - Replacement for Texture panel in surface. It allows
                 Photoshop like image manipulation like ADDITION/OVERLAY/
                 DIFFERENCE/MULTIPLY/Etc. + all sorts of image manipulation

RealFlow       - Fluid Dynamics particle system

RealiTools     - Collection. Soft Reflections, Shadow Blend, Lighter,
                 Fresnel, Video Lines/Noise, Comic, QTVR, Isometric
                 rendering and several others

Realview       - Scene/game engine that allows you to prototype environments

RealWave       - Wave and gravity liquid animation system

Record Motion  - Records the resulting motion of any item in Layout

ReelMotion     - Physics simulator with i/o plugin for Lightwave

Refine Polygons  - Fixes non-planar polys

Relativity     - Relates motion channels of any item and other nifty
                 expression-like features

Relief         - Creates 3D landscape objects and color elevation bitmap
                 from USGS DEM files or user bitmaps

Remains        - A collection of image filters and color correction effects

Remark Poly    - Seems to sort and select polygons by plane

RemoveNullShadows  - Removes all shadow options for null objects from a
                 scene file

RemPoly        - Remove Polygons based on direction of surface normal

Render ObjectInfo  - Puts a line of text or automatic object information
                 into render

RenderFarmer   - A Screamernet replacement for Lightwave

replacePN_BL   - Works with PointSelector to manipulate point groups in

ReplacePWP     - Copies objects based on a series of reference points

Resizer        - Resizes forground object to fit background bounding box

Rest On Ground  - Stops object from passing through a defined position on
                 an axis

Restore Polygon  - Creates a single polygon from split polys

Reverse Motion  - It reverses the keyframe timing and values

RGB Shift      - Image filter that, in a simplistic way, simulates the
                 color shifts that occur in photographs or on television

RGLight        - Lightning strike generator

RKGravity      - Gravity simulation in Layout

RKParticle     - Particle cloud expansion displacement

RKWheel        - Wheel rotation motion plugin

Rock           - Creates Rocks in Modeler

ROK Import     - Imports ROK format, whatever that is

ROK2LW         - ROK Format to LW

RollBack       - Lets you 'SET' the object's origin, work on it (mangle),
                 then on command it snaps back to its origin

Rose           - Texture script to put petal-like shapes on surfaces

Rotate         - Rotates all polygons in the foreground layer(s) around
                 their combined center on a defined axis

Rotate by 6 Points  - Rotate object based on points selected on two objects

RotateHistory  - Keeps a history of object rotation with a selectable "undo"

Rotator        - Calculates the appropriate rotation of a round object

RotAxis        - Rotate points by a variety of criteria

RotVect        - Advanced rotational control

Round Corner Box  - Makes a box with rounded corners

RrectPlot      - Puts points to squares with rounded corners

RST Import/Export  - Saves Sony Playstation format files

RSvP           - Extends the functionality of Modeler features such as
                 Move, rotate and Scale

Save Object by Surface  - Saves a model as a series of files based on
                 surface selection

Save Progress  - Save selected layers using a progressive filename

Save Surf      - Saves object segments by surface

Scale          - Scales all polygons in the foreground layer(s) at their
                 combined center

ScaleHistory   - Keeps a history of object scaling with a selectable undo

Scanline       - Filter plug-in to create horizontal scanlines

Scene Remixer  - Comprehensive scene manipulation from within layout

Scene Soldier  - Explorer-like scene management utility

Scenefile Management Utility (SMU)  - Scene file management including
                 support for Puppet Master, Particle Storm, UNC naming
                 conventions and a whole bunch more

SceneLister.ls  - Creates a text file including all objects and their paths

SceneMan       - Scene file manipulation

SceneShop      - Utility to backup and move complete Lightwave Scenes

Screen Saver Maker  - Scene as your screen saver. Use OpenGL to display
                 animated screen saver

Sean's Application Launcher  - Launch external applications from Lightwave

Sean's Cutter  - Choose one axis, cut up the other two into a user defined
                 number of segments

Sean's Dial Tricks  - Clock faces, Radar, Altimeters or any dial based

Sean's Kickass DDR Gizmo Version 2 (NT)  - Speak to your Abekas! DDR
                 recorder. NT only

Sean's MeshPaint Auto-Sizer  - Provides texturemap sizes enables Meshpaint
                 to draw from surface to surface without brush or aspect

Sean's Weird Growths  - Produces geometry by applying smooth shift and
                 bel tools in multiple passes

Search3D       - Explorer style 3D object viewer

SeaShell       - Creates SeaShells (spirals) by rotating primatives

Section Batch  - Assists saving objects for use with Puppet Master

SeeAllBG       - Hotkey Lscript to select all full layers as background

Select Surfaces  - Select and deselect all surfaces in one interface

Selective Video Noise  - Image filter that creates randomized video noise
                 over a selected period

SelectOne      - Choose one of the polygon that has overlapped

Selector       - Selects the closest unselected point to a selected point

SelectSurface  - Selection of polygons by surface assignment

Sequence 911   - Renaming Utility

SetValPlus     - Set the values of all the selected points to the to the
                 first selected point

SGI Cosmo      - Saves in Sgi Movie containing a JPEG compressed video
                 track for Cosmo video or O2's

SGI Movie, Quicktime, AVI  - Animation saver for SGI Movie, Quicktime
                 and AVI

sgi_rle        - Compressed SGI format saver

ShaderMan      - Surface Shader Collection. 25 plugins

Shades Collection  - Shader Collection. Fire, Parquet and Planks

ShadowEffect   - Changes the color of shadows

ShadowOut      - Isolates shadows in the rendered image

Shift Keys     - Shift Keys by an assigned value

Shift M and E  - Shift motions and envelopes by selected amounts

Shift Scene    - Offsets frames and writes out a new scenefile

ShockWave      - Creates camera rock motions for explosions or other

Silhouette     - Creates lines around the edges of objects. Uses the
                 angle of the surface to the camera

SIRDS Generator  - This plugin helps you make stereograms in black and white

skin+          - Skins polys, selectable by plane

SKParent       - Parent objects, bones, camera and lights

Slinky Playground  - Create Slinky spirals. Fun for the whole family!

Smoothmove Panoramas  - Render QTVR-like panoramas from within Lightwave

SMPTE marker   - Add a SMPTE time code text display to rendered frames

Snake          - Deform and animate a LightWave object around a curved path

Snake Charmer  - Slither and Swaying object deformations

Snap!          - Moves points to an absolute offset on selected axes

SoftImage Export  - Saves HRC files (geometry) for SoftImage

Softy          - Soft Reflections shader

Sort Items     - Sort Object, Bone, and Light alphabetically or according to
                 Parent-Child relationship

SortItems      - Sort Objects, Bones and Lights. Useful for complex scenes

SoundWave 3D   - 3D Surround for 3D Animations

Sparks         - Particle Animation System

SpectraFX      - Shader plug-in, which operates on the color spectrum of
                 fractal noise

Speculator     - Image filter plugin that lets you play with specular channel

Speculator Zero  - A myriad of ways to play with specularity

Speedlimit     - Forces objects to stay within defined speeds

Spider         - Advanced distributed batch rendering

Spiral Path Generator  - Generates, well, spiral paths!

Spiralizer     - Interactive spiral generator with DXF export

Split Channel Machine  - Animate Layout items using nulls as if the motion
                 channels were split

Split Path     - Split path into multiple segments

Squash and Stretch  - Scale an object and preserve volume (bounding box)

Starfire Collection  - Procedural textures, sludge, stone, bricks, scales,
                 shingles, rivets and more

StickIt        - Prevent an item moving on the X or Z axis after it passes
                 a threshold on the Y axis

StockPP        - Appears to allow custom point selections to be loaded

Storm          - Displacement Plugin for effects like snow or rain

Strata_DXF     - Modeler and Layout. Strata and DXF import/export

Stretch-Arbitrary-Axis  - Stretches an object or section based on a fixed
                 point (BG point, centre of selected, origin, etc.)

Stretch-O-Matic  - Stretches an object or bone so that it always touches
                 its goal object

Stripper       - Scene back-up utility

Stuff Mover    - Compresses all scene elements to a .lha format file

Super Split    - Splits polygons based on point selection(s)

SuperGlow 2.0  - Advanced glow shader/image filter

SuperSaveMorph  - Save a series model poses from an explicit list of frame

SuperSize      - Allows selected objects to be sized numerically to exact

SuperTweakSurf  - Brightness and/or contrast operation on most surface

Surface Animation Shop  - Keyframe surface attributes over time or animate
                 them by tracking null objects

Surface Divider  - Puts different surface designations on different layers

Surface Effectors  - Null based surfacing/special effect controls

Surface Loader  - Import any or all surfaces from an object file

Surface Master  - Assigns groups of ordered, random or pseudo-random
                 surfaces to an object

Surface Selector  - Select all polygons that have the surface name of
                 the current

Surface Suite Pro  - Apply, blend and composite multiple 2D textures
                 onto objects

Surfaces to Objects  - Saves each surface of an object out as a separate
                 object. Handy when creating Puppet Master sections

SurfacesRemixer  - Change layer hierarchy in texture surfaces or change
                 shader plug-in order used in a surface

Surfer         - Shows the object, it's surfaces and the associated
                 attributes in a tree view

SurfReyes      - Organic modeling tool. Subdivides and smooths surfaces

SurfSurfing Light  - Envelope surface attributes in Layout

SurfSurfing Pro  - Enveloping of surface attributes in layout with
                 advanced controls

SurfSurfing2   - Enveloping of surface attributes in layout. Uses nulls
                 for reference

Swap Red Blue  - Swaps the red and the blue channel of an image

Swarm          - Creates animated swarms of objects using animated
                 attractors and repellers

Sync Surfaces  - Applies the surfaces of the background layer to the
                 geometry in the foreground layer

Takaku         - Creates a 2D equilateral poly based on numerical input

TalkMaster     - Automatically generates lip synchronization from text
                 or audio

TapeMeasure    - Compares two items giving distance, common centre point
                 and angles of relation for each axis

TargaMan       - LScript Object Agent designed to manage Targa Image File

Taut           - Snap a series of points along an arbitrarily defined
                 line in 3D space

TeraLogic Texture Maker  - Texture generation application

Terragen       - Landscape generator with .lwo terrain export

Terrano        - Converts BMP files to polygonal terrain objects

Texture Slayer  - Advanced texture mapping plugin

TextureEnhance  - Texture Manipulation and Modification

The Miriad Collection  - Lscript Plugin Collection

Thor           - Lightning and electrical effects mesh generating plug-in

TIFF Loader/Saver  - Loads and Saves TIFF format bitmap files

TimeMachine    - Morph manager

Timinger       - Stopwatch plugin that allows recording of keys and
                 supports sound

TinmanShake    - Useful for cyclical motion on an object

tmd2lwo        - Converts PSX (Playstation) 3D objects into Lightwave Format

ToggleLay      - Translation from Japanese needed

Toon Timer     - External animation utility that does time to frame
                 conversion, toggles for 1's, 2's etc and includes a

Track          - Allows any object to align any axis to point at any
                 other item

Translucence   - Makes surfaces illuminate when lit from behind
                 Eliminates the need for funky lighting just to get
                 a surface to look backlit

Tree Druid     - Tree generator/animator with control over LOD, gravity,
                 sun, wind

TRIChanger     - Flips the axis a quad is split into triangles

TrU-V          - Stand-alone program allows for perfect mapping with no

Truss          - Creates a set of trusses with or without balljoints

TurboReflections 2000  - Increases surface reflectivity based on the
                 luminosity of the surface it's reflecting

TurboRename/Renumber  - Batch Renaming/Renumbering utility

Uncles         - Layout plugin that procedurally alters an item's position
                 and rotation

Unwrap         - Creates template images for cylindrical and spherical
                 texture mapping

Uview          - Parametric texturing (and rendering via Shader) of objects

Vacuformer     - Vacuform's something or other. No docs or description

vdem2stm       - Converts Vistapro binary DEM files into STM files for
                 use with DEMScape plug-in

Vertex Paint   - Paints independent colors per vertex for export to
                 various gaming platforms

VertiBevel     - Advanced beveling tool

VertiLectric   - Lightning and electrical effects

VerTilities AlignTo  - Reorients objects to align them up with other objects

Vertilities Blur  - Post-processing Blur. Field rendering and Alpha Channel

Vertilities Brightness and Contrast  - Image filter that brightens, darkens
                 and changes contrast of render

Vertilities Brush and Pencil  - Image filter that simulates an airbrush and
                 pencil. Supports field rendering

VerTilities Circle Sphere  - Creates a circle or sphere defined by three or
                 four points

Vertilities Color Gradient  - Color gradients for surfaces

Vertilities Light Diffusion  - Simulates diffusion lenses, adds a "dream

Vertilities Midpoint  - Create and weld points, split points at their
                 geometric centre

VerTilities Mirror  - Mirror an object around any point, line, plane or

VertiTilities AutoSurf  - Given four or more points it will create a
                 surface skimming over those points

VertiTilities Film Grain  - Adds grain to images

VertiTilities FitTo  - Fit an object to any line, plane or sphere

VertiTilities Loft  - Creates Polygons between two strings of points
                 Differences from skinning

VertiTilities Populate  - Given a set of points a user can export those
                 points as nulls, objects or Lights. Eases repetitive tasks

VertiTilities Transparency Gradient  - Shader that applies transparency
                 gradients to object surfaces

VFog           - Ultra-fast ground fog

Video Effects Mixer  - 4 effects  - Video Static, RGB colour, B&W Film
                 effects or Negative

Video Lines    - Horizontal video lines, like an old tv (or mine ;-)

Visible Ink    - Shader that will only allow one color to be visible
                 through a surface

VistaPro.ls    - Read in a VistaPro Script file and create a LW Scene file

VRML 2.0 Export  - Latest Lightwave VRML savers and documentations

WaveFilter Image  - Professional level post image adjustment

WaveFilter Net+  - Rack-focus, track-focus Depth of Field effects

Wavefilter Shader  - Enveloped surfacing, fractals and fresnel effects shader

Wavefilter Tools  - A collection of Lightwave Tools

WaveFilter Volume  - Volumetric effects and hypertextures

Waver          - Converts .wav sound files into motions and envelopes

Waves          - Creates waves along the x axis of an object

WaveTrans      - Apply wave deformations to objects

Weather Control  - Simulate and create diffrent weather effects

Wheelie        - Automatically rotates wheels

Whip           - A simple physics simulator for adding dynamic hinges and

Width Line Shader  - Filter to create horizontal lines of variable
                 brightness and width

WinkerBlinker  - Automate Character Blinking

Wireframe      - Turn the currently selected polygon(s) into a wireframe
                 representation of the model

Wobbler        - Spring and mass, damping motion plugin

WOF            - Removes the point limit from an object in modeler

World Construction Set  - Realistic Landscape and Environment Creation
                 with Plugin For Lightwave

Wrap Sphere    - Wraps current foreground layer or selected polygons
                 around a sphere with defined radii

X(cross)Bone   - Preservation of joint volume when using bones

XddNoise       - Image Filter plug-in, applies noise over the image

ym_SpringMaker  - Creates springs and open curves

Z Buffer Save  - Save the zbuffer from the picture or animation

Z-Depth        - Output a Z-Depth Targa file

Z2ZPic         - Saves LW's depth buffer as Softimage Zpic files

ZBuffer to Image  - Render the zbuffer to a grayscale picture


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