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Список plug-in'ов для LightWave 3D

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Копии файлов:

3D Equalizer   - 3D motion tracking application with Lightwave export

3DWin          - 3D object conversion utility

4DPaint        - External 3D Paint application with Lightwave support

a-bone         - Creates a bone structure within Modeler that builds
                 control handles

A.R.I.         - Image filter creates (controllable) random splotches
                 of noise

Absolute       - Moves the combined center of all polygons in the
                 foreground layer(s) to an absolute location

Absolute Motion -  Saves a motion file with the object's ABSOLUTE position
                 in the scene

Acid           - A shader allowing you to change a surface's texture
                 and bump mapping based on effectors

ActionCatalog  - Lets you build a series of actions (scaling, rotation,
                 etc.), save and recall/redo them at a later date

Add Parent for Objects and Lights  - Allows global parenting of objects
                 and/or lights to nulls and saves scenefiles

Adjust Point   - Rearranging points for making Morph Targets

Advanced Gradient Controller  - Animatable gradients with previewing

Align Points   - Align selected points on multiple axis

Along By Two Points  - Create new points in between a selected pair

Alph           - Lets you use procedurals as alphas for images and
                 vice versa

Alpha Clip     - Intended to internally anti-alias game sprites (not
                 against the background)

Alter on Selection Center  - Select an object or part of an object,
                 then center, stretch, scale and/or rotate that
                 selection based on it's bounding box center

Angle/Distance Between Points  - Reports the absolute angle defined
                 by three selected points

Anim-Pack      - Five plugins to aid animated movement

Animated Boolean  - Will perform animated boolean operations

Animation Saver for NIFF  - Saves animation data to the NIFF format
                 of the Nintendo 64

Animation Saver for PlayStation  - Saves animation data in Sony
                 PlayStation format

Anime          - Cell Shader

Anvil          - Fresnel shader without mathematical interface

Applique       - Stand-alone that uses a greyscale to build a
                 contoured model, flat morph target. Supports LOD

Aqua-Pack      - Realistic water plugins for rendering, surf, animation etc.

Area/Volume    - Calculates the surface area and volume of the object
                 in the foreground layer

Attached Point Selector  - Selects the points of a selected polygon

Aunts          - Procedurally alters an item's position and rotation

Auto Load or Save  - Load or save object sequences into specific
                 modeler layers

Auto Making Logo  - Bevels and extrudes logos into object sequences

Auto Move or Auto Size  - Does a best guess comparison and modification
                 of two layers

AutoFocus      - Calculate the focal distance between two objects
                 at selected keyframes so that you can create rack
                 focus shots

Autom8         - Designed to speed up object conversion, modeling and

AutoMirror     - Mirror + merge the polygons on the left side of
                 the X axis to the right side

AVILoad        - Load and use AVI sequences within Layout

AVIloader      - An Lscript-based AVI loading plugin

BackUpper      - Backs up current project including undos and all layers

Bang           - Simulates a small explosion with particles

Bang Shader    - Shader for the particle displacement shader Bang!

Batch Paste    - Pastes the contents of modeler's foreground layer
                 onto every model in a specific folder

Bc_BendTwist - FlexRod  - Applies deformations to child object with
                 sloping functions

BC_Bri2Color   - Substitutes surface brightness by tri-color gradation

Bc_ParallelRot  - Allows rotation mirroring with factoring and
                 unaffected parenting

Bc_SplineDresser  - Spline deformation in Layout

Bc_SplineRod   - Stretch, Shear, Bend, Twist and Taper by using
                 child objects which are interpolated by spline curve

Bendy Points   - Displacement map tool intended for character animation

Bendy Things   - Uses point collections that are able to affect
                 another object when manipulated

beSkin         - Softbody Maya animation to LightWave

Bevel Circle   - Allows you to bevel multiple smooth segments

Bevelittle - SmoothShiftlittle  - Hotkey-based Beveling or SmoothShifting

BG Conform Plus  - Moves selected foreground points to the coordinates
                 of the closest background point

Bijoux         - View rendered frames in movie format without exporting
                 to video

Blend Objects  - Create intermediate objects by blending the coordinate

Blink          - Automates irregular but periodic motion

Blinker        - Surface Shader plug-in that will blink a surface
                 parameter on and off at regular intervals

Blinker_ls     - Blink the Luminous and Diffuse On and Off for a set range

Bloomer        - Simulates camera bloom casued by very shiny surfaces

Blotch         - Sticks a coloured spot on a surface

Blowup/Shatter  - Shatters an object and applies dynamics to produce
                 an explosion

Blur Calculator  - Calculate how much motion blur to apply in the
                 camera panel

Bman's FresnelShader  - This Surface Shader plugin helps simulate
                 the fresnel effect

Bocacer        - Allows manipulation of special, reflection or
                 transparency buffers

Bone Light Filler  - Plants bones or lights to the position of points
                 which have been assigned names with the PointSelector

BoneToggle     - Toggle bones active or off

Bounce         - Dynamics simulator including gravity, velocity,
                 simple collision and more

Bounding Box   - Replacement for the standard Bounding Box plugin

Boxes          - Creates Boxes

Bradford       - An advanced matte shader

Brick and Lunar  - Brick and Moon Shaders

Bubbles        - Places bubbles (spheres) at the positions of all
                 points in the foreground layer

Calcium        - Something to do with SkeletonMaker and Bones

Calculate DOF Envelope  - Create DOF envelopes using multiple nulls

CDROM Shader   - Radial gradient shader

Center_Merge_Point  - Merge all points to the centre point of selections

Centerme       - Center an item between others

CenterScale.ls  - Scales selected points or polygons from their centers

CenterStretch.ls  - Stretches selected points or polygons along a axis
                 from their centers

CenterTools    - Various centering functions

CGFluid - CgSplash  - Displacement plugin for realistic fluid surfaces
                 and splashes

Change Point Order  - Changes point order by axis. For use with Lightswarm

Change Surface  - Changes surfaces in modeler based on polygon selection

Chinese.p      - Supports using Chinese characters within Lightwave

Clonez         - Copy an object to multiple positions and apply
                 rotation and scaling

Cluster Buster  - Creation of particle clusters around selected points

Cluster Tools  - Load and save point selections

Coating        - Simulates the buildup of dust and snow

Collapse       - Translates a series of selected points to an average

Color Gradient  - Alters object surface to smooth gradient between
                 two colours

Color256       - Convert images to 256 colors

Colorband      - Create up to 5 color bands on surface

ColorMixer     - Assists enveloping surface colors

ColorTweak     - Color Correction Image filter plugin

Con Motion     - Utility to synchronize character movements, repeat
                 specific sequences (walking, running), character

Confusion      - Renders depth of field circle of confusion maps

ConLZP         - Allows "LazyPoint"-like behaviour, but with more control

Cool Coordinate System  - Designed for making curved objects like
                 springs, wire globes and organics

Cool Modeling  - Interactive NURBS modeling assistant

Cool Subdivision  - Simple and useful tool for subdivision of polygons

CopyfromBG     - Copy selection from the background layer

CornerPoints   - No Description available!

CPPP           - Copy and Paste Plus. Copy one objects keys to another

Crean Up       - Cleans up models. Selectable functions to merge and/or
                 delete common model errors

Create HeaderFile  - Creates Header files for LW Panels (programming)

Create_Randomizing_Envelopes  - Creates randomized envelopes with a
                 selection of restrictions and controls

Creature Creator  - Combine body parts to make up unique creatures

Crossroads     - Object format converter that exports geometry as quads

CTBFtoy        - Surface shader based on cellular texture basis functions

Curve To Motion  - Uses shape of curve to generate motion over varying

DAB            - Surface Ray-Painting. Painterly effects, post-rendering
                 convolutions, brushes

Dangle         - Automatically animates dangling chains, ropes, and cables

DarkTree Textures  - Algorithmic texture generator. Stand-alone
                 application makes animated sequences

Daylite        - Ambient Daylight shader

DeActivate Bones  - De-activates bones via a plug-in

Decimate       - Polygon reduction

Decimate 2     - Polygon reduction plugin with GUI and interactive controls

Defocus Dei    - Depth of Field Generator

Deformation Lattice  - Uses a lattice to deform objects in layout
                 Animate an object through warped space or animate
                 the warp over the object

DelFrames      - Delete every keyframe in scene within a range

Demscape       - USGS DEM ==> Lightwave translator and optimization

Depth of Field Toy  - Play with different Depth of Field settings
                 and see how they're related to one another

Desaturation Fog  - Objects become less saturated with distance

DeSelect.ls    - Deselect Polygons based on direction

DeselectPoints  - Hotkey Lscript deselects selected points

Detect Edge    - Detects harsh edges in a rendering, generates masks

Detonate       - Simplifies the task to blow up objects

DG-GD Color Translator  - English name to RGB and HEX color translator

Diffuse        - Gas-like diffusion of particles over time

Directional Select  - Selects polygons facing a particular direction
                 (up, down, left, right, back, front), and optionally
                 gives them a new surface name

DirtyReyes     - Creates a "weathered" look on objects by dirtying
                 them up a bit

DirtyUp        - Dust, snow, soot, scratches, bumps, rust to surface

Displace Me 2.0  - Displacement mapping plugins that operate within Modeler

Dissolver      - Dissolver will show or hide group of objects by
                 dissolving. Cut rendering time when doing tests

Distance.ls    - Measure distance between any 2 Objects,Lights or Camera

Distance2Envelope  - Stretches and Envelope to travel the distance
                 between objects

DistDissolve   - Dissolve out an object as it gets too close to camera
                 for reasonable renders

Divide Polygon  - Divides a polygon to incorporate another point

DivideCopy     - Separate the polygons sharing points

DOF Blur       - Null-controlled depth of field simulation

Dr. Gradient   - Gradient surface shader

Drop Shadow    - Simple 2D blurred shadows

DSpot          - Alters an object's geometry based on a number of
                 factors specified by the user

DXF CONV       - DOS command to convert Caligari Truespace's DXF
                 output to something readable

DXF Export     - DXF Export function

EasyPoly       - Can't figure it out! Please fill this in!

Eclipt!        - Creates elliptical orbits for virtual suns

Edge Cutter    - Cuts an object based on vertex selection

Edge Detect    - Makes it easier to find holes in polygon meshes in modeler

Edge Opener    - Duplicates points selected on mesh and cuts joined polygons

Elefont        - Interactive text creation from TTF fonts with DXF export

Enviro         - Makes QTVR maps, also spherical, cubical, and orthogonal
                 views of your scene

Enzyme Shaders  - Shader collection. Kind of reminds me of the
                 Forge/Essence stuff for Imagine

Estimate Time to Completion  - Pixel-filter that calculates render times

ETR            - Rendering calculator and countdown timer

Expressions    - Control the motion of an object based any other
                 object's actions

Extender+      - Extrudes a series of points with selectable surface
                 name, direction, inset, shift and capping

ExtractAudio   - Audio waveform driver for motion and envelopes

ExtractLights  - Extract lighting setup and parented objects from a scene

FaceCam        - Aligns planes to Camera. Useful for explosions and such

FaceObject     - Targeting without using IK

Fade           - Uses a control object that creates a bizarre interference
                 over all the surfaces in the scene

FadeTrans      - Use magnets, locks and other controls to modify geometry

FDA            - Image filter for brightness and contrast with envelopes

Fiber Factory  - Hair and Fiber rendering and modeling

File Herder    - Utilities for renaming and renumbering sequences of files

Film Grain     - Add grain to rendered images, making it possible to
                 match existing film stock

Filmbox        - Motion Capture, matchmove and animation tools

Filmlidosue Noise Color  - Image filter that creates coloured noise

Filmlikosue Line Noise  - Image filter that creates lines of noise

Find an Objects Center  - Calculates the coordinates for the objects
                 center point

FishEye        - Image filter that creates a fish-eye effect on the
                 rendered image

FlareMaster    - Creates scenes with flares based on t he points in
                 the active layers

Flexor         - Allows smooth, dynamic bending of objects

Focal Distance  - Creates envelope of the distance between the Camera
                 and any object

Foundry (lite and pro)  - Control over replication, distribution, and
                 deformation of user defined objects over a user
                 defined surface or a portion of a surface. Alignment,
                 Morphing, Animation

Fractalizer    - Shader for advanced fractal noise

FractalPro     - Fractal and animation sequencing with ability to
                 generate LW objects

Fractals       - Creates fractal shapes from scratch or based on the
                 foreground model

Fresnel Shader  - For simulating Fresnel-like effects

Fun Key        - Monkey 2 driver/plugin for Lightwave

Furrify        - Image Filter plug-in adds 3D fuzz to surface

Futz           - Tweaks a motion file on any channel by replacing or
                 offsetting. Ranges etc.

FX_Mouton      - Diffuse Lighting Shader

FX_Transparent  - Diffuse transparency shader

FX_Tuya        - Specular shader with custom effects

FX_Velvet      - Velvet surfacing shader

FXtreme (Pro)  - Hierarchical deformation tools for custom mesh
                 deformation effects

FXWave         - Multilayer image processing plugin (S-Wave & Off-Wave
                 plugins adds for fx-wave)

Gaffer         - Advanced shading, lighting and compositing

GD Backdrop Shader  - Gives an object the colour of the scene's
                 backdrop gradient. This allows you to "hide" objects

GD Fog Shader  - Uses null objects to control the start, end and
                 colour of fog applied on a surface by surface basis

GD Lock'n'Release  - Locks the motion of an object for a number of frames

GD Motion Gadget  - Morph from one motion to another, either using fixed
                 weights or a null object to control the morph

GD Rotation Replacement  - Replaces an object depending on the angle
                 between the object, a reference object and the camera

Gears          - Builds gears with user defined radii and tooth count

Genesis VFX    - Particle effects, lens flares, lightning, gas clouds,
                 electricity, smoke, liquid, glows etc.

GeoBrowse      - Object viewer

Glass Thickener  - Shader to help properly render glass

Glass Work     - Changes geometry to better replicate glass

Goo            - Displacement map Plugin that lets you "Melt" or "Ooze"
                 a model

Grant's File Separator  - For separating a large file into user-specified
                 size chunks

Grant's PointSelector  - Selects the points on a surface or highlighted

Grant's RecordMotion  - For recording the resulting motion of any item
                 in a scene

Grant's ReverseMotion  - For reversing the keyframe timing and values
                 of motion/envelope files

Grant's SurfaceRandomizer  - For applying a sequence-like set of
                 surfaces randomly to an object

Grant's ViewEdges  - Clearer display of polygon edges in Open GL preview

Grants' Centering Plugin  - Centers selected points or polys on an axis

GravCalc       - Calculates an objects position as it falls according
                 to acceleration

GrayScalePlus  - Image Filter plug-in. Gray scale image with the
                 option of changing the white to a RGB color

Grime          - Dirties up surfaces

Grit           - Dirties objects (hence the name Grit ;-)

Grouper        - Create your own plugin prefixes, like the "LW_" prefix,
                 and assign them to plugins in both Layout and Modeler
                 Put your most used plugins at the top of the list

Grow.ls        - Animated Rail Extrude

Guardian       - Allows an object to have up to five parents over time

Heads-up Display (HUD)  - Image filter that creates a definable HUD
                 with artificial horizon

Heat Press     - Uses one object to deform the geometry of another

Hide and Seek  - Hide and unhide surfaces based on various selection options

HSVBoost       - Surface shader allowing hue, saturation, and value

Hypervoxels 2.0  - Advanced volumetric rendering effects

IFW Textures   - Shader Collection

Illustrator Import  - Load Illustrator or EPS files into Modeler

Image Filter Script  - Gives user ability to customize pixel-filter passes

Image Processor  - Image Filter. 9 pre-defined effects (soften,
                 emboss...) or develop your own

ImageGun       - Front projection mapping shader

Impact!        - Collision detection, spring, bounce, gravity, drag dynamics

Impressions    - Take points in the active foreground layer and move
                 them in a user-specified manner until they collide with
                 the nearest poly in the background layers

Inertia        - Provides the information needed to extend a current
                 motion additional keyframes based on its previous motion

Infrared Vision  - Knockoff of the nightvision plugin that's included
                 with LW, but gives you more control

Interactive View for SGI  - Object and Scene conversion including
                 textures and lights

InventorSave   - Save objects in Inventor 2.0 or VRML 1.0

InventorView   - View colored and shaded objects in Modeler

InvertFGLay    - Invert front layers in Modeler

IPC Toolz      - Communication between Layout and Modeler via IPC

IRename        - Bulk renaming for elements within a scenefile

Iris           - Seamless fractal noise texture generator

Item Information Display  - Lets you pull up detailed statistics and
                 location of Objects, Lights and the Camera

James K. Polk Plugin Collection  - Plugins Collection. From surface
                 shaders to cyclist-like motion plugs with many
                 specialized functions

Joiner         - Creates windows and other objects with frames

Jolt!          - Item Motion Plugin. Simulates impact vibrations

Jolt_S         - Item Motion Plugin. Jolt over time etc

K3D-GL         - Lightwave object viewer with lots of options and modes

Key Edit       - Alternative External Motion Graph Editor

KeyFramer      - Places keyframes for every desired offset of keys
                 for objects or the camera

KeyPro         - Editor for Lightwave Scenes. Copy, paste scale and
                 move scene elements

Kill Keys      - Kills all keys except those at frame 0

KuruSurfaces   - Surface manipulation in Modeler

KW Edge Smoother  - Adds geometry to the edges of an object. A variety
                 of options

KW PolySelector  - Select polygons based on angle from present selection

KW RotSupporter  - Set up a position list (history) for an object's rotation

KW Spread        - Allows wrapping of several objects. Useful for creating

KW-BoneDFS       - Bone deformation system

KW-BoneSetter    - Global bone attribute modification

Lampy            - Translucency surface shader

Landscape Colorizer  - Color an object based on slope and altitude

Landscape Transparency  - Allows you to build up "layers" of objects
                 each with their own textures

LayerSort      - Organizes your layers when they're messy

Lazy Motion    - Lags the motion of an object in reference to another

Lazy Point Z   - Points further from the center of the object react slower

LD_Fresnel     - Advanced fresnel effect shader

LD_Tools       - Numeric functions for Inspire 3D's modeler

Lens           - Corrects or adds lens distortions to LW imagery

Letterbox Image Filter  - Will add black letterboxes at the top and
                 bottom of your final image using a given ratio

Level of Detail  - Level of Detail object replacement based on camera

LifeForms      - Character movement tool for 3D character animation
                 with LightWave import/export

Light Editor   - Easy selection and editing of lighting and flare properties

Light Setting  - Saves point in layer to lightswarm scene

LightNet       - Network Rendering Replacement

LightSave_Load  - Save and load a light with it's Flare settings and/or
                 motion settings

Lightscape     - Radiosity solution with Lightwave import/export

LightShaders   - Fractal noise based surface shaders

Lightsort      - Sort your lights, bones and objects

Lightwave Config Tool  - Allows you to easily edit your lw.cfg file

Lightwave to DirectX 3D Convertor  - Exports 3D Geometry to DirectX

LightwaveX     - ActiveX control which will load, display, and animate
                 LightWave scenes

Limiter        - Restricts object movement to prevent out of bounds motions

LinearChk      - Switch On/Off Linear of motion collectively

Lip Service    - Lip-sync and facial animation application

LitReflections  - Fade out reflections in shadows

Load From Scene  - Load in objects from a LightWave Scene file, maintaining
                 the position, rotation and scale

Lock & Key     - Dynamic Parenting of objects on a frame-by-frame basis

LogoWizard     - Animation scene files with variable logo fly-in paths
                 and effects

Long Lunch     - Modeler plugin to extend your lunch hour

LoopMaster     - Takes a motion file and outputs and offset file

LScript        - Upgrades for Lightwave's LScript interface

Lume Landscape  - Three shaders for creating realistic landscapes

Lume Light     - Lighting effects for natural environments

Lume Matter    - Metal, glass and edge shader collection

Lume Tools     - Natural Shader Collection

Lume Water     - Realistic water effects and shaders

Lume Workbench  - Tool Collection. Wrap, Distory, Bump and Image filter

LuminoSpectram  - Adds luminous spectral colouration to surface

LW Stripe      - Divide the rendering of single frames across multiple

LW to DirectX Converter  - Lightwave to Direct X converter

LW2RIB         - Converts Lightwave scenes to RIB or Renderman format

LW2VRML        - Lightwave to VRML Object Converter

LWO Project    - Supports administration of models being comprised by
                 multiple parts

LWO-CONV       - Corrects point order between 2 objects. Useful for
                 Morphing/PuppetMaster/Morph Gizmo

LWOB           - Stand-alone that produces a detailed description of
                 an object including geometry and multiple surface

lwoExport      - Export Lightwave objects from Maya

LWOImp         - Lightwave object importer for 3DSMax

LWSterek       - Cloning utility that takes one object as a template
                 and provides interations with randomized parameters

LWVDR Virtual Darkroom  - Simulates photographic capture of renderings

lwwf2avi and lwwf2anim  - Converts LightWave wireframe previews into
                 native-format animation files

MacRock        - Generates a variety of rock objects

MacroForm      - Modelling construction and deformation tool collection
                 Use rails to deform objects

Magpie (Pro)   - Lip-sync editor. Writes out .giz files for Morph Gizmo

MakeObject     - Creates poles primatives, and a variety of notched lines

Mandelbrot Shader  - Generates the Mandelbrot set on a surface

Manual Sort    - Manually sort and organize item lists in Layout

MCL Line       - Generates simple stright lines on surfaces with parameters
                 (color, size, angle and offset)

MCL Parent     - Animate hierarchy of objects. Parenting system with
                 translation, rotation, scale and turbulence controls

MCL Plum       - Animated ripples. Displacement and shader components

MCL Special Buffer Saver  - Uses internal Lightwave Special Buffers to
                 save alpha masks from diffrent surfaces to separate
                 *.tga files

MCL Surface    - Surface displacement and motion tracking. Constrain
                 objects to surface and deformation by object

MCL Surface Enveloper  - Allows enveloping of many surface parameters

MegaLight      - Advanced lighting shader

Merge Trigon   - Merges triangles into quads

Meshpaint      - 3d Painting (external editor)

MetaGroove     - Modeler plugin that creates grooves and folds in a mesh

Metamation     - Updated version (way faster) of the stock displacement

MidiMotion     - Midi controller for Layout

MimicMotion    - Allows an item's motion to mimic selectable qualities
                 of another

Mirror         - Have an item "mirror" another item's motion

Mirror Bones   - Mirror bones. Great for setting up skeletons

MirrorMerge    - Mirrors and object and merges/cleans up the shared areas

ModelerVoxels  - Create hypervoxel-like geometry in Modeler

MorphMaker     - Assists in building morph targets

MorphPointAlign  - Allows the user to save a point selection then restore it

Mot Exchange   - Exchange bone motions between objects

Motilope       - Will take a motion file, extract one of the tracks and save
                 it as an envelope

Motion Designer  - Displacement. transforms the polygons in an object based
                 on an elastic body model to simulate the effects of wind,
                 gravity, object movement or collision

Motion Edit    - External editing and manipulation of motion files

Motion Gang    - Manipulate motion capture data and apply to models

Motion Inverter  - Invert selected channels in a Lightwave motion file

Motion Pack    - Cyclist, Serpent, Follower, Oscillator and Gravity in
                 Plugin Collection

MotionCapture TRC File Conversion  - Converts TRC mocap files to Lightwave

MotionDump XDD  - Generic motion dump plugin

Move and Rotate and Scale (Center)  - Numeric movement, rotation and scaling

Move by 2 Points  - Creates arrays of objects based on the distance between
                 two sets of selected points

Move Point in Polygon  - Position a point on the same plane as a selected

MQ             - Allows multiple-object loads in Layout

MSpot          - Alters an object's geometry based on a number of factors
                 specified by the user

Multi Layer+   - Allows more than 10 layers in Modeler

Multi Parent   - Multi-object or light parenting and dissolves

Multibevel     - Makes performing multiple bevels easier

MultiMorph     - Creates and sets up a scene with a multiple target morph

MultiPolygonMaker  - Similar to a point extrude but with more control

Multislice     - Slices up an object (more like subdivides) or a selected

Multiweld      - Points will be welded based on selection

Murky Water    - Applies shading and reduces specularity based on altitude
                 below sea level

n_poly         - Seems to make stars shapes and such

Natural Shaders  - Color, Transparency and Underwater shaders

Nature FX      - Moving water, wakes, volumetric clouds and other aquatic

NextLayer      - Takes the select object and moves it onto the next
                 available layer

NoiseMaster    - Image filter creates noise in renderings

Non Planar's   - Allows you to select non-planar polys based on several
                 percentage ranges at once

NsChSurf       - Allows you to view your current selection through the
                 ogl window

NsFileReq      - Global File Requester Plugin

NsLastSelect   - History for selections in Modeler

NsMemAply      - Appears to join objects based on point selections

NsMorph        - Allows morphing between defined layers

NsNumericPanel  - Move (offset) an object using numerics

NsObjectMerge  - Loads scene objects into Modeler

NsPointSonar   - Finds points sharing the same space

NsPopUpMenu    - Customizable popup menus for Modeler

NsRelateItem   - Pseudo mother-child relations

NsRotate       - Numeric rotation around definable center on axis at
                 custom angle

NsUtilSrv      - Global Utility Server Plugin

Null4Thought   - Removes shadow options from nulls and dissolved objects

NumPnt         - Inspire modeler plug in for setting points by the value

Object History  - Object file format that allows you to save multiple
                 versions or an objects history

Object replacement Server (ORS)  - Object replacement system for animation
                 and effects

Object Setting  - Allows you to modify sequences or solo objects by a
                 variety of criteria

ObjectMan      - Programmatic interface to the LightWave 3D Object File

ObjectMatte    - Saves off alpha information on an object by object basis

ObjectSwarm    - Creates a scene file with clones of the chosen objects

ObjReplace_hareVersion  - Sequential Object Replacement

Oblique Strategies  - Script that spouts random bits of advice

On-the-Fly     - Creates flying logo animations

Oxy_Dust       - Snow/Dust Shader Script

P to RGB       - Pantone to RGB calculator

P.A.           - Rendering continuity checker

P_Bone iLayout-motion-plugin  - Replacement for Parent Bone

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