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FAQ по чит-кодам в играх

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move_objects            Move any object
prepare_lot             Check and fix required lot objects
preview_anims on/off    Preview animations
rotation (0-3)          Rotate camera
house #                 Autoload indicated house #
visitor_control         Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled via keyboard
!                       Repeat last cheat
;                       Separate multiple cheat commands

Fast Money
 Bring  up  cheat mode and enter the "klapaucius" code. The bring up cheat
mode again and enter
"!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!:!;!" (you may add
up to 60 total).

Garbage Bag of Holding
 In  the  early  stages of The Sims life time is often wasted emptying the
trash  and  bringing  it  to  the  curb. I found that if you fill the cheap 30
simolian  trash  barrel  you  can  order your sim to empty it and just as they
remove the bag cancel the order. Then order them to pick up the mess that they
just made and they will return the full bag to an empty barrel, which will now
be  empty. Do this every time it fills and trash need never be brought outside
to the curb again. This saves a lot of time.

Paying the Bills
 Simply keep a bill, unpaid, until the mail carrier delivers the next set.
When your flag is up (your mailbox being full of-- what else, more bills), pay
the first one (i.e., bring it out to the mailbox.) When you do this, the newer
bills disappear. Using this cheat, you will only have to pay every other bill,
instead of every one.

Building a Castle in the Clouds
 Large  second-floor extensions to a house, or even an entire house in the
air,  can be built totally unsupported by the following method. First, lay out
a  complete  ground  layer  of  pillars. You'll need lots to form a surface to
build  on.  Next  build  your  second-floor home on top of these pillars. It's
important that you do ALL the structural work at this point; get all the walls
placed  and floors put in. Don't forget the stairs! Next, simply switch to the
ground  floor,  and  delete  all  the pillars. The house will remain standing,
completely  unsupported  by  anything  except thin air! Voila! A castle in the
clouds for your Sims!

    _Sim Sity 3000 (коды)_

i am weak                Makes buildings, utilities, zoning,
                         transportation, planting trees and creating
                         surface water free.
i love red tape          All ordinance become available
garbage in, garbage out  Makes all garbage buildings available
power to the masses      Makes all power buildings available
water in the desert      Makes all water buildings available
pay tribute to your king All rewards become available
zyxwvu                   This code isn't available to just anybody, you
                         have to prove your integrity first. Use the "call
                         cousin Vinnie" cheat and refuse his immoral offer.
                         Then use the "zyxwvu" cheat and the beautiful
                         SimCity Castle will appear in your Rewards menu.
                         In addition to looking cool, the castle boosts
                         land value, aura, and does other wonderful things
                         to the surrounding area.
call cousin Vinnie       A new petitioner item will appear in the Meet
                         window, announcing a "Local Fundraising Event."
                         This, um, "businessman" will offer you some cash,
                         no questions asked. Should you choose to accept
                         his offer, you'll notice a little extra cash in
                         your coffers.
let's make a deal        Neighbor/Business Deal(s) offered
Salt on                  Changes the sea to salt water
Salt off                 Changes the sea to fresh water
Terrain one up           Raises the terrain 1 unit
Terrain one down         Lowers the terrain 1 unit
Terrain ten up           Raises the terrain 10 units
Terrain ten down         Lowers the terrain 10 units
Nerdz rool               High tech industry
load terrain
Stop forcing advice
force Mortimer to say
force Moe to say

    _Sin (коды)_

Give Thrallgun - два секретных оружия (вызываются клавишей M)
health9999 - Здоровье
wuss - все оружие
superfuzz - бесмертие
nocollision - свободное перемещение
wallflower - монстры вас не замечают
spawn magnum - дает магнум
spawn shotgun - дает винчестер
spawn assaultrifle - какая-то ракетница
spawn rocketlauncer - то же
spawn snipperrifle - неизвестное оружие
spawn heligun - большой пулемет
spawn reactiveshields - реактивный щит
spawn rockets - ракеты
spawn coin - монета
spawn health - аптечка
spawn cookies - пирожные
spawn lensflare - световой эфект

    _Soldier of Fortune (коды)_

Enter these at the console. To get the console, right-click on sof.exe in your
demo directory and choose "Create shortcut" and then right-click on the
you've created and choose "Properties". Change the command line to add this:
+set console 1

It should look something like this when finished:
"c:\....\SOF\sof.exe" +set console 1

Bring up the console by pressing "~":

heretic         God Mode
phantom         Walk Through Walls
ninja           Enemies Don't See You
defaultweapons  Give Default Weapons
elbow           Give Weapons 1-5
bigelbow        Give Weapons 6-10
matrix #        Timescale (replace # with 1-10)
gimme X         Spawn Object/Item X
updateinvfinal  Gives More Ammo
killallmonsters Kills All Enemies
map X           Goto Level X (See Below)
kill            Unknown
putaway         Unknown
destroyents     Unknown

Level Names
(use with map X cheat):

tut1, tsr1, tsr2, trn1, arm1, arm2, arm3, kos1, kos2, kos3, sib1, sib2, sib3,
irq1a, irq1b, irq2a, irq2b, irq3a, irq3b, ger1, ger2, ger3, ger4, nyc1, nyc2,
nyc3, sud1, sud2, sud3, jpn1, jpn2, jpn3

Spawning Objects
To spawn objects, follow these commands to list all possible items to spawn,
then to actually create the item:

1) Type: DEVELOPER 1 in console first. (this allows you to list the entities).
2) Type: ENTLIST, this will list the entities, and most things in the list are
3) Use the GIMME cheat command to spawn the item.

    _Starcraft (коды)_

During gameplay, press ENTER and type:

POWER OVERWHELMING           Invulnerability
SHOW ME THE MONEY            10,000 resources
WAR AINT WHAT IS USED TO BE  Disable fog of war
OPERATION CWAL               Quick build units and buildings
MODIFY THE PHASE VARIANCE    Build all buildings
FOOD FOR THOUGHT             Build units beyond supply limit
THE GATHERING                Unliminted spell mana
GAME OVER MAN                Ends game as a loss
NOGLUES                      Enemies unable to use magic
HEAL ME                      Click on a unit to make it explode
STAYING ALIVE                Make you unable to complete current mission
THERE IS NO COW LEVEL        Complete current mission
WHATS MINE IS MINE           Free minerals
BREATHE DEEP                 Free vespene gas
SOMETHING FOR NOTHING        All upgrades
BLACK SHEEP WALL             Show all map
MEDIEVAL MAN                 Upgrade all units
OPHELIA                      Mission warp (type the mission name)

MultPlay Cheats:

heal - вылечить все юниты
willy - дополнительный герой
yonkers - много ресурсов

    _SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (коды)_

start the games
[Drive]:\SWAT3\SWAT.EXE -console
(or u can also try  -noai)
shift + ~   = console



    _Tfief II: Metal Age (коды)_

Изменить количество стартовых денег.
Вы можете отредактировать файл dark.cfg, добавив в строку "cash_bonus n"
(вместо N количество наличных в начале миссии)
Пропустить миссию, перейдя к другой.
Нажмите [CTRL] + [ALT] + [SHIFT] + [END] чтобы перейти сразу к следующей

    _Total Annihilation Kingdoms (коды [в компании не работают])

                      "Enter",затем "+",затем:
 ATM - 1000 единиц металла и энеpгии
 DITHER - экспиpементы с линией видемости
 DOUBLESHOT - двукpатное усиление любого оpужия
 NOWISEE - откpытие всей каpты и отключение fog of war
 RADAR - pадаp охватывает всю таppитоpию
 SING - pоботы пеpестают скpипеть в ответ на ваши команды
 CONTROL x - меняем стоpонами в Skirmish,х - номеp игpока(0-3)
 CDPLAY - Same as +CDSTART. (bit quicker)
 CDSTART - Starts CD Music.
 CDSTOP - Stops CD Music.
 CONTROL # - Lets you control a different skirmish AI, # = 0-3.
 DR -
 HALFSHOT - All weapons do half the damage.
 ILOSE - Causes you to lose.
 IWIN - Causes you to win.
 KILL - Kills every unit. (including yours)
 LIGHT 1000 - Darker structures. No number makes them black.
 LOS - Same as +NOWISEE. (quicker)
 MEM -
 NOENERGY - Drops your energy to 0.
 NOMETAL - Drops your metal to 0.
 NOSHAKE - Stops explosion screen shakes.
 SHADOW - Toggles object shadowing.
 SOUND3D - Toggles 3D sound
 SWITCHALT - Allows you to switch between squads with # keys.
 VIEW # - Lets you see the metal + energy a player has, # = 0-3.

 В меню когда нажмеш кнопку сингл введеnt DRDEATH, и появится кость, между
 prevouns menu и load game, жмиnt на неё :)
 CONTOUR#-показать контуры роботов #
 NOWISEE-показать всю карту.
 CLOCK-указатель времени.

    _Turok II: Seeds of Evil (коды)_

TROMPEM                - Big hands and feet mode
BIGBADNOODLE           - Big head mode
HELLOSTICKY            - Stick mode
LILLIPUTIAN            - Tiny mode
PICASSO                - Pen and Ink mode
HENRYSBILERP           - Gouraud mode
YOQUIEROJUAN           - Juans cheat
LEGOMANIAC             - Zach attack cheat
INEEDAUPS              - Blackout mode
WIZARDOFOZ             - Tasty frooty stripes
JANESSPECIALWORLD      - Janes cheat

Alternate cheat codes

UBERNOODLE       = big head mode
HOLASTICKBOY     = Stick Man mode
STOMPEM          = big hands and feet mode
PIPSQUEAK        = makes enemies tiny
IGOTABFA         = pen-and-ink mode
WHATSATEXTUREMAP = Garoud mode (weird colors)

While playing a game, enter one of
the following key combinations:

ALT-CTRL-B  = enable boxes
ALT-CTRL-R  = toggle rain
ALT-CTRL-W  = toggle wind
ALT-CTRL-S  = toggle snow

For weapon sighting coordinates
While at the target range and ready to shoot,
press ALT-CTRL-T. Fire to display targeting
coordinates in X-Y format. Use the cursor keys
to adjust the coordinates until they are set
to 0-0. The weapon is now sighted in.

    _Twisted Metal II (коды)_

Type at the car select screen

GLORIOUS  - Cheats Enabled
ICECREAM  - Play as Sweet Tooth
BIGBOY    - Play as Minion

Type during gameplay
GLORIOUS   - Cheats Enabled
DIVINE     - God Mode
ALLUCANEAT - Eternal Life
DOUBLEDOWN - Supercharged Weapons
HOLYSMOKES - Infinite Weapons
SLAMFEST   - Super Slam
GIMMEMORE  - Weapons Added
2HOT       - Homing Napalm
CUSUCKA    - Mega Guns
FRAMERATE  - Display framerate

While playing, press these keys in rapid succession
D,U,R,L,U,U,D,D - Soul sold (trade weapons for health)
L,R,U - Freeze Burst
R,L,D - Mine
R,L,U - Napalm
U,U,R - Shield
U,U,L - High Jump
L,R,D - Rear Attack
R,D,L,U - Cloaking
U,D,U,U,Space - Minion Attack

Type at the level select screen in multi-player mode:
DASBAK  - Net Cheats Enabled
SLEUTH  - Sneak Peeks
JMSWAMP - Suicide Swamp Level
TMBURBS - Cyburbia Level
TMROOF  - Rooftops Level


    _Unreal Tornament (коды)_

The following codes are for SINGLE PLAYER ONLY. Press ` to bring down the
console, then type:

Code                            Result

iamtheone                       Activate Cheat Mode
god                             God Mode
loaded                          All Weapons
allammo                         All Ammo
ghost                           Walk Through Walls
fly                             Fly Mode
walk                            Walk Mode
killall [class]                 Kills All Enemies of a Certain [class]
playersonly                     Freezes Time, Type Again to UnFreeze
behindview 1                    View Character from Behind
behindview 0                    Normal View
open [mapname]                  Jump to Any Map
summon [item]                   Summon Item (see list below)


Quad Shot                   - Дань Quake-моде - "Amplifier" yже не канает.
WarHeadLauncher             - И есть та злая ядеpная оакета.
Minigun2                    - N7 - модеpнизиpованный пyлемёт
PulseGun                    - N5
ShockRifle                  - N4 - бывшее ASMD
SniperRifle                 - N0 (10) - классика.
                                 P.S. за N0 (10) закpеплено 2 оpyжия.
UT_BioRifle                 - N3
UT_Eightball                - N9, если не ошибаюсь. Ракетница.
UT_FlackCannon              - N8, ----"-----"-----.


    _Warcraft II (коды)_

unite the clans -мгновенная победа
you pitiful worm -мгновенное поражение
every little thing - неограниченная магия
she does deck me out - мгновенный апгрейд оружия
never a winner - продолжение игры после всех заданий
tigerlily - разрешить переходы между уровнями
orcx - переход на Х миссию за орков
human x - переход на Х за людей
it is a good day to die - 100% неуязвимость (кроме магии)
glittering prizes - добавить 10 тыс. золота 5 тыс. леса и нефти
valdez - добавить 5 тыс. нефти
spycob - то же самое
showpath - вся карта (не работает в multiplay)
on screen - вся карта (работает везде)
make it so -  ускорение строительства и тренировки войск
noglues - преодоление магических преград
there can be only one - просмотр мультика в конце игры
ucla - вывести надпись ~Идут Топотуны~
hatchet - рубить деревья одним ударом
day - вывести ~fief~
fastdemo - ускорение демо-роликов в начале игры

До и после ввода кодов нажмите [Enter]

    _Warhammer: Dark Omen (коды)_

В главном меню набери:


 [Ctrl] [C] [G] - Добавляют 1000 gc, чтобы обменять на деньги
 [Ctrl] [C] [T] - Вычитают 1000 gc от наличных денег
 [Ctrl] [C] [E] - Увеличение выбрало опыт единицы
 [Ctrl] [C] [U] - Делают отобранную единицу небьющейся


 Обман Сражения

 [F12] - Перескакивают сражение
 Держитесь [Ctrl] - Позволяют выбор единиц наждака
 [K] - точность 100 % для отобранной баллистической единицы
                (При увольнении(обстреле))
 [W] - Увеличивают доступные волшебные пункты(точки)


 [Ctrl] [C] [F] - Полный опыт указывает для всех единиц
 [Ctrl] [C] [I] - Текущие единицы становятся непобедимыми
 [Ctrl] [C] [М.] - Все волшебные пункты(изделия)

    _Whiplash (AKA Fatal Racing) (коды)_

Enter these in your name under config menu

LOVEBUN         Secret Car
MAYTE           Another Secret Car
TINKLE          Another Secret Car
SUICYCO         Another Secret Car
2X4B523P        Another Secret Car
FORMULA1        Access Second Set of Cars
SUPERMAN        Invincible Human Cars
DR DEATH        Destruction Mode
DUEL            Killer Opponents
GOLDBOY         Access Premier Cup
MREPRISE        Access Bonus Cup
MR ZOOM         Speeds up the game
TACHYONS        Speeds up the game to an unplayable rate
TINYTOTS        Thin Cars
YOTARACE        Huge Tracks
MRFROSTY        Icy Roads
WARPGATE        Cars continually shrink and grow
CINEMA          Widescreen Mode
CUP WON         See End Sequence
I WON           See Race Win
ROLL EM         See Credits
FREAKY          Weird Coloring
TOPTUNES        Alternative Sounds
REMOVE          Remove Cheats


    _X - Beyond the Frontier (HEX & money)_


Save your game, and note how many credits you have.
Open up the savegame in an hex editor (the first save game
is named X0.SAV then X1.SAV etc etc) DO NOT try and edit X99.SAV,
it's the save game list.

Open up windows calculator, switch to scientific view. type in
your credits *withouth the comma* ie. if you have 298.35 credits,
you type in 29835 and click Hex.

It will give you the value of 12A, since in hex each number is
represented by 2 digits, simply put a zero at the start so it
makes 012A.

Now search for this value in the savegame. You will find it twice
and you must change it in both places. The first location is near
BC90, although this *can* change...

To reiterate, convert the whole number *without* the comma. change
both places!

Making fast money:
Hint by Jaeger

- Hire the Teladi Albatross
- Buy a Solar Power Plant
- Transport it to the Greater Profit system
- Deploy it near the crystal plant
- Buy crystals at the crystal plant and stock them in your solar
  power plant

- Check the price of energy cells at the other two solar plants in
  the system and adjust yours to make good profit fast

After getting some money, buy a telardinium mine and a freighter.
These produce profit fast and with no attendance like the solar
plant, except to get the credits


      Cоставителем этого FAQ является Choporov Grigoriy (2:5025/150.78)
   Можете посылать его кому и куда :) угодно и делать с ним что хотите при
              условии, что эта часть в нем остается неизменной.
     Еще раз повторяю, что этот FAQ составлен по материалам конференции
       поэтому поставить копирайты к каждому cheat'у нет возможности.
                Если у вас есть коды, кряки и т.д. к играм,
        которых _нет_ в данном FAQ'е, прошу присылать их мне мылом.


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