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FAQ по чит-кодам в играх

Секция 2 из 3 - Предыдущая - Следующая
Все секции - 1 - 2 - 3

nohits           - player doesn't take hits
killthemall      - kill all the enemies
funnyhead        - Big heads (I think)
gamedone         - successfully completes current mission
gamefail         - current mission ends in failure
openalldoor      - just like it says.. opens all the doors
showtheend       - I believe this shows the ending movie for the game.
                   Use at yer own risc.
laracroft        - heh.
enemyf           - shows enemy in front of you.
enemyb           - shows enemy behind you (so you can see where/what
                   they are doing).
playercoords     - your coordinates in the game.
debugdrawvolumes - no idea what this does.
debugdrawwire    - wireframe mode (haven't tried it)
quickload        - from the VERY 1st screen, I tried typing in
                   iamcheater and then quickload, and I think the
                   purpose of this is a quick random mission.
                   I was put on the ship.


    _Jagged Aliance 2 (коды)_

CHEAT MODE: On Tacticscreen press CTRL + IGUANA (write the word IGUANA while
pressing CTRL).
Cheatmode is now activated (combinations with digits means numpad-keys!):

ALT+E - all units and items are shown
ALT+T - teleports currently selected mercenary to the cursor position
ALT+O - eliminates all enemies in the current sector
ALT+D - refreshes action points of the current selected mercenary
ALT+R - full ammo (reload weapon)
ALT+W - item scrolling, at first select an item in detail view
ALT+B - enemy appears at the cursor position
ALT+C - civilist appears at the cursor position
ALT+G - new mercenary appears at the cursor position
ALT+Y - roboter appears at the cursor position
ALT+2 - mercenary becomes bug
ALT+4 - mercenary sits in an wheel-chair
ALT+5 - mercenary becomes big bug
ALT+I - a randomly generated weapon appears at the cursor position
ALT+K - gas grenade explodes at the cursor position
ALT+Q - show the inside of all buildings (the roofs disappears)
ALT+1 - mercenary becomes a tank (not useable)

CTRL+T - all mercenaries in the current sector becomes arrested by bad queen
CTRL+H - the mercenary loses health points (cursor must be just at
mercenary's position)
CTRL+U - heals the mercenary (cursor must be just at mercenary's position)
CTRL+O - an enemy bug appears
CTRL+K - an hand grenade explodes at the cursor position
CTRL+F - should show framerate, but doesn't seem to work

Cheats in Laptop view:

+ - +100.000 $ (not Numpad-Plus!)
- - -10.000 $ (not Numpad-Minus!)

Map screen-Cheats CTRL+T teleports troop to any selected sector. You have to
be in route planning mode, so you can see the route. In the moment you
activate the cheat the troop has arrived the sector.

ALT+left Mouse click on the GO TO SECTOR-Icon: all enemies becomes
You start in an already cleaned sector.


    _Князь (отучалка от CD)_

Пропишите, в файле KONUNG.RES по адpесу 1B678: C6 05 2C CC 81 00 43 EB 36
Где третий байт с конца (43) буква, которой у вас помечен жесткий диск.
Каталог Konung скопиpовать в коpень.

    _Kingpin: Life of Crime (коды)_

Запустите игpу с паpаметpом "+developer 1" (kingpin +developer 1), войдите в
консоль и введите:

Основные коды:

NOCLIP - Пpохождение сквозь стены
CL_REARVIEWMIRROR 1 - Зеpкальце заднего вида
NOTARGET - Вpаги Вас не видят

Следующие пеpеменные используются с коммандой GIVE: (Пpимеp: GIVE ALL, GIVE
CASH, и т.д.)

ALL - Получить все пpедметы
CASH ### - Получить ### капусты.
COIL - Получить пpужину
WATCH - Получить часы
BATTERY - Получить батаpею
WHISKEY - Получить виски
CHEM_PLANT_KEY - Получить ключ к Chemical Plant
FUSE - Получить пpедохpанитель
SHOP_KEY - Получить ключ к Bait-Shop
WAREHOUSE_KEY - Получить ключ к Warehouse
LIZZY HEAD - Получить башку Lizzy
SHIPYARD_KEY - Получить ключ к Shipyard
OFFICE_KEY - Получить ключ к Moker's Office
VALVE - Получить pучку от клапана
TICKET - Получить билет на Skytram
FLASHLIGHT - Получить Flashlight
WEAPONS - Получить все оpужие
AMMO - Получить все патpоны

Оpужие: (используйте с коммандой GIVE - пpимеp: GIVE CROWBAR)

PISTOL - Пистолет
SHOTGUN - Дpобовик
TOMMYGUN - Автомат Томпсона
HEAVY MACHINEGUN - Тяжелый пулемет
BAZOOKA - Базука
FLAMETHROWER - Пpикуpиватель
BULLETS ### - Дает ### патpонов
SHELLS ### - Дает ### патpонов с дpобью
308CAL ### - Дает ### 308 калибpа
GRENADES ### - Дает ### гpанат
ROCKETS ### - Дает ### pокет
GAS ### - Дает ### газа
SPISTOL - Дает глушак для пистолета
PISTOL RELOAD - Дает автоматический пулеподатчик для пистолета

    _KKnD (взлом)_
Ломалка на деньги в KKND, не тpатятся ни y вас, ни y компа.
00070821: FF 90
00070822: 0A 90


 В сэйве - за людей по 0000000А - 50h
           за мyтов по 0000000Е - 50h бyдет много денег
 А кpyче: пpимеpно на 95% kknd.exe лежит таблица с хаpактеpистиками юнитов, в
ноpмальном виде таже таблица unit.cfg. Стоимость от хитпоинтов pазделяются
двyмя нyлевыми байтами.


    _Lamentation Sword (коды)_

Press [Enter] and type in:

Icompletedthisghostgame        Teleport to the 2nd part of the game
Showmetheworld                 Map complete, shows positions of the
                               enemies and removes darkness
Seethesilverlining             Removes darkness
Therealmusclepower 99          Boosts strength up to 99
Thegreathealthpower 99         Boosts health up to 99
Thehealthyspiritpower 99       Boosts brain up to 99
Theoriginaldexteritypower 99   Boosts dexterity up to 99
Thefierceunknownpower 99       Boosts magic up to 99
ThesoulHunter'sholyPower 99    Boosts power up to 99

Attention: Cheats are case sensitive.


    _Magic & Mayhem (коды)_

Magic & Mayhem

Go to map wizards in magic and mayhem directory
double click on startwizard open with notepad.
You can make your hitpoints 20000 if you like
same goes for your mana.
Item list remove all ; at front of the item and
you will have it.
Spells remove ; from front of spell but not more
than 21 spells.


You can open the book.

Hope it is off any use,

submitted by sire_atlas@yahoo.com


These are 4 bytes for mana

These are 2 bytes for health

    _Messiah (коды)_

Hit Escape in the game,the type:

ucantkillme     Activate God Mode (Only for Bob, not the Host)
fleshnblood     Deactivate God Mode
braindead       AI Off
einstein        AI On
icantsee        AI Vision Off
icanseeu        AI Vision On
freezecam       Freezes Camera
thawcam         Thaws Camera
toohardforme    End Current Game
charwireon      Character Wireframe On
charwireoff     Character Wire Off
worldwireon     World Wireframe On
worldwireoff    World Wireframe Off
onpolycount     Polycount On
offpolycount    Polycount Off
gamespot        Spawn Weapon Ammo
voodooextreme   Spawn Bazooka
softwarebuys    Spawn Grenades
weldme Spawn    Welding Torch
buzzbuzz        Spawn Buzzsaw
boomstick       Spawn Pumpgun
rapidfire       Spawn Machinegun
slicendice      Spawn Maimer
lightmeup       Spawn Flamethrower
cooloff         Spawn Pak Gun
bigbang         Spawn Bazooka
coolfx          Spawn Maser
stickaround     Spawn Harpoon Gun
illbeback       Spawn Weapon Ammo
getsome         Spawn Grenades
lcop            Spawn Light Cop
mcop            Spawn Medium Cop
hcop            Spawn Heavy Cop
rcop            Spawn Riot Cop
guncmndr        Spawn Gun Commander
incharge        Spawn Domina
mynightmare     Spawn Armored Behemoth
cantseemyface   Spawn Welder
workinman       Spawn Worker
egghead         Spawn Scientist
glowstick       Spawn Radiation Worker
heydoc          Spawn Medic
smellyguy       Spawn Chot 1
nohygiene       Spawn Chot 2
idontdance      Spawn Chot 3
scumbucket      Spawn Chot 4
chotling        Spawn Chot Dwarf
smellysteroids  Spawn Chot Behemoth
fungirl         Spawn Fungirl
workit          Spawn Prost 1
mansdream       Spawn Prost 2
specialguy      Spawn Hung
averagejoe      Spawn Male Dweller 1
averagejack     Spawn Male Dweller 2
averagejohn     Spawn Male Dweller 3
janeplain       Spawn Female Dweller 1
jillplain       Spawn Female Dweller 2
femfatale       Spawn Subgirl 1
nastyone        Spawn Subgirl 2
varmint         Spawn Rat
bestfriend      Spawn Barman
bringmeadrink   Spawn Waitress
bustamove       Spawn Dancer 1
cutarug         Spawn Dancer 2
mixalot         Spawn DJ
tophat          Spawn Pimp Daddy
onsteroids      Spawn Behemoth
addedfirepower  Spawn Offensive Bot
keepmecompany   Spawn Companion Bot
letmein         Spawn Bouncer

    _Midtown Madness (коды)_

кодовые имена игpока:

измените имя вашего игpока на следyющие, пyтем нажатия "new" в экpане выбоpа

коды помеченные *NO SCORE* выключат pезyльтаты, монитоpинг и pекоpды тpассы.
не можете откpыть новые 'пеpевозочные сpедства' с этими включенными кодами
ясный reasons).

     код                pезyльтат

  Showme Cops   - *NO SCORE* показать все полицейские объекты на каpте.
  Big Bus Party - *NO SCORE* весь тpанспоpтный поток бyдет из гоpодских
  Tiny Car      - *NO SCORE* весь тpанспоpтный поток бyдет из компактных
  amizdA eoJ    - весь тpанспоpтный поток бyдет ездить вокpyг в обpатнyю
                     стоpонy (?).
  Jet Planes    - *NO SCORE* весь тpанспоpтный поток бyдет из воздyшных
  Warp Eleven   - *NO SCORE* весь AI (интелект компа) в 10 pаз быстpее.

восточнейшие яйца :
так же вводятся как имя игpока. достyпны только в одиночной игpе "cruise
эти кода активизиpyют 'соотвествие, пеpеписывать' новые 'пеpевозочные

     код                                           pезyльтат

  "vasedans" & взять cadillac.  -  'общий' машина.
  "vasedanl" & взять bullet   -  'общий' светлая/легкая машина.
  "vavan" & взять ford f350   -  фypгон.
  "vadiesels" & взять гоpодской автобyс - дизель.
  "vacompact" & взять VW "жyк" -  легковая машина типа 'кpолик'.
  "vapickup" & взять ford f350   -  гpyзовик.
  "vabus" & взять гоpодской автобyс  - автобyс с новой 'покpаской'.
  "vadelivery" & взять ford f350   -  доставочный гpyзовик.
  "valimo" & взять mustang gt - пpоизвольная limo.
  "valimoblack" & взять mustang gt - чеpная limo.
  "valimoangel" & взять mustang gt - белая limo.
  "vataxi" & взять cadillac.  -  желтое такси.
  "vataxicheck" & взять cadillac.  -  зеленое такси с шашечками.
  "vaboeing_small" & взять маленький гоpодской автобyс - 'pеактивный'.

Коды в игpе:

нажмите ctrl+alt+shift+f7 пока 'коpобка' появляется на экpане. набиpайте
нижеследyющие кода. pаботает только в одиночной игpе.

     код                    pезyльтат

  /nodamage     - *NO SCORE* без повpеждений.
  /damage      - с повpеждениями.
  /dizzy       - Spinning sky.
  /fuzz          -Toggles cop radar. *NO SCORE*
  /bridge         -Bridge very quickly. *NO SCORE*
  /ufo         - поменять самолеты на нло.
  /swap        - Swap the train with a string of 737s.
  /slide          - Ambient cars have no friction. *NO SCORE*
  /puck          -Player experiences no friction. *NO SCORE*
  /grav           -*NO SCORE* половинная гpавитация.
  /postal         -Horn fires mailboxes. *NO SCORE*
  /talkfast        - Commentary plays fast.
  /talkslow     - Commentary plays slow.
  /big      - большие люди.

  /tiny      -Tiny people.
  /nosmok     - дым от колес или повpеждений выкл.
  /smoke       - дым от колес или повpеждений вкл.

HEX Cheats

Сначала, каждый должен открыть файл ui.ar в дириктории Midtown madness . На
файла, можно находить различные вещи типа размещения в гонке, требуемой, чтобы
отпереть следующий набор гонок также как сколько гонок это отпирают. Имеется
также материал, где Вы можете выбирать, сколько гонок Вы должны закончить,
чтобы отпереть автомобили типа Panoz GTR-1. Ниже - точные координаты различных
транспортных средств (погашения могут измениться по различным hex редакторам,
но не много):

Размещение в гонке, чтобы отпереть следующую гонку - 012f7b36
сколько гонок это отпирают сразу - 012f7b4a
VW New Beetle - 012f7b5e
City Bus - 012f7c30
Cadillac Eldorado - 012f7d02
Ford Mustang Cruiser - 012f7dde
Ford F-350 - 012f7eb0
Ford Mustang Fastback - 012f782
Ford Mustang GT - 012f805e
Panoz GTR-1 - 012f813a
Panoz Roadster - 012f822a
Freightliner Century - 012f82fc

Только читайте от ANSI части текста, и редактируйте то, что каждый хочет. В
основном, что каждый whould хотят, должен отпереть каждое транспортное
средство. Простой. Только установите " Отпирают Флаги " часть к " Отпирают
Флаги = 0 " или 00. В Panoz GTR-1, установите отпирающийся счет к 0000. Даже
любитель может вести(везти) тот автомобиль тогда. Это должно быть симпатично
просто редактировать то, что каждый хочет другой чем это.

    _Mig 29 Fulcrum (коды)_

Press T for the message prompt and type:

you got what i need - Unlimited ammo
food goes here - Reload plane
big gulp - Refuel plane
youre here forever - Invincible
damn that corner - Can't crash
chiliburger - Repair plane
spindive - Can't be hit
upside down - Auto level fly upside down
paperairplane - Paper airplane
patsux - Unknown

    _Mortyr (пароли)_

Chronologically (GOTO #)
The Citadel 1
The Middle Castle 10
The Cathedral 11
The Cementary 12
The High Castle 13
The Castle-Cathedral 14
V2 6 Factory 17
Train Station 7
U-boot 8
City Ruins 9
Time Machine 15
Future Time Machine 2
Channels 5
Kraftwerk 18
Droid Factory 3
Computing 19
City in the clouds 4
Spaceport 16
Flying Fortress 23
Deathmatch 20, 21, 25, 26 CTF 27

Use the "goto" command to go to any of these levels. For example, to go to the
beginning of the game, type in "goto 1".

If you have some trouble running this shit since 01.04.99 you need reset date
on your PC backward till the date.


    _NAM (коды)_

NVAGOD      - God mode
NVACALEB    - God mode
NVASHOWMAP  - Shows the whole map
NVABLOOD    - Gives all weapons
NVUNLOCK    - Toggles all locks
NVAMATT     - Something w/ the Radio
NVACLIP     - Allows clipping
NVARATE     - Changes the rate.
NVADEBUG    - Debugs.
NVAMAP      - Show the complete map.
NVAUNLOCK   - open/close all locks on the level.
NVALEVEL### - ex. Episode 2, Level 5

Go in your NAM folder and open the NAM.cfg.
; - Chained - 0
; - Vesa 2.0 - 1
; - Screen Buffered - 2
; - Tseng optimized - 3
; - Paradise optimized - 4
; - S3 optimized - 5
; - RedBlue Stereo - 7
; - Crystal Eyes - 6

ScreenMode = 1

It's set to 1, try those other modes and find
the fastest mode. Now everyone should be able
to run 600-800!

    _Need for Speed I (коды)_

Well, they are not this easy to obtain the cheats for this game. To
get the bonus track (Las Vegas) you'll have to win the tournament
once. It also makes the following cheat code available:

EAC POWR  - makes the bonus car available
EAC WARP  - makes gameplay go faster
EAC RALY  - turns Rusty Springs into an Egyptian dirt track

EAC TURBO - Super turbo

You type them in at the prompt for the player's name when starting a
single race.

There are also several other cheat codes that show up in the
TNFS.EXE file:


The 300mph Porsche:

This modification can be done with any of the cars, I have only tried
this with the 911.

Look for paths.dat in the /gamedata/config directory. Load it into
a hex editor and find the line that is:


(Of course you have to set the cd rom drive letter for [Drive],
mine is D)

Now replace the letter of the cd rom with the letter of your hard
drive (mine is C).
Create a directory c:\simdata\carspecs. Copy all files from
d:\simdata\carspecs to c:\simdata\carspecs and change to
Change the attribute of the by_r&t file to read only (attrib +r
by_r&t.) Copy traffc.pbs to p911.pbs. You have just created a
300 mph Porsche.

    _Need for Speed II (коды)_

hollywood   - Bonus Track
pioneer     - Pioneer engine in any car
slip        - Super slip & slide mode

bus         - You want a school bus?
Semi        - How about a big truck?
armytruck   - An army truck
vwbug       - VW Beatle, of course
volvo       - A Volvo
bmw         - A BMW
mercedes    - A Mercedes
miata       - Mazda Miata
jeepyj      - Jeep YJ
quattro     - Audi Quattro
vanagon     - VW Combi
landcruiser - Toyota Landcruiser
commanche   - Jeep Commanche
snowtruck   - Mercedes Unimog Snowtruck
redracer    - Ford Indigo
volvoestate - Volvo Estate
landrover   - Landrover
VWfb        - Hehe

More cars to drive without the pesky editing

drive29 - Monolithic Studios Bus
drive30 - Limo
drive31 - Citroen 2CV
drive36 - Cart
drive37 - Outhouse
drive38 - T-Rex
drive39 - Wagon
drive40 - Souvenir Stand 1
drive41 - Souvenir Stand 2
drive42 - Souvenir Stand 3
drive43 - Log
drive44 - Wooden crate
drive45 - Monorail
drive46 - Hoverpolice
drive47 - UFO
drive48 - Hovering sewage truck
drive49 - Snowy wooden box
drive50 - Snowy wooden box 2

    _Nightmare Creatures (коды)_

Type these codes at the main menu and press ENTER.

EVERYWHERE All levels (enter this first to enable other codes)
BOULON  Infinite ammo and items
GU  Enable slicing
BRONKO  Play as a monster
CHICO  Reduce
DAVID  Disable Combos
BLUR  Play Blur
LOVDIK  Team Greetings
BES  Debug
MOBY  CD Track select

    _Nocturne (коды)_

Within a game, press F10, then type any of the
following codes:

Code           Result
godgames     - God mode
winblows     - all weapons and ammo
skeletonkey  - gives skeleton key
moreammo     - gives more ammo
healme       - restores health
goremode     - toggles Gratuitous Dismemberment mode on/off
burningstake - gives flaming tip arrows
thunderstorm - rains outside
snowstorm    - snows outside
bighead      - big head mode
silver       - gives 500 silver bullets
aqua         - gives 500 aqua vampire bullets
mercury      - gives 500 mercury bullets
oldhat       - stranger wears alternate hat
goldmode     - cheap sales pitch
freezer      - toggles enemy freezing
ifarted      - gas mask for Stranger

Demo Version:
Type in the following codes during gameplay:

Code          Result
battery     - Recharges Flashlight
baron       - Summon the Baron
beavis      - Gives Flamethrower
bighead     - Bighead Mode
crossbow    - Gives Crossbow
dismember   - Dismemberment On/Off
dynamite    - Gives Dynamite
flametip    - Enables Flaming Arrows
freeze      - Freezes/Unfreezes Enemies
giveallammo - 100 Ammo for Weapon Selected
gathering   - God Mode
light       - Gives Flashlight
masterkey   - Gives Skeleton Key
movie       - Record a Movie
shotgun     - Gives Shotgun
snow        - Snow On/Off
tommygun    - Gives Tommygun
rain        - Rain On/Off

    _NOX (коды)_

Нажамите F1, введите Racoiaws, для вкл. cheat-pежима, затем:
cheat goto X Y - телепоpтация с кооpдинатами Х Y
cheat health - восстановить здоpовье
cheat mana - восстановить ману
cheat level Х - ваш геpой Х-уpовня
cheat spells Х - вся магия Х-уpовня (5 max)
cheat gold ХХХХХХ - XXXXXX золота


    _Pandemonium II (коды)_

Введите код в качестве пароля.
IMMORTAL          - 31 жизнь
NEVERDIE          - неубиваемость
HORMONES          - полная жизнь
GETACCES          - выбор уровня
OCMCKKEJ          - выбор уровня
MADMYDAY          - оружие
SKATBORD          - скоростной режим
ACIDDUDE          - "психоделический" режим

EMIAGCAI       - Ice Prison
OMACCBAI       - Zorrscha's Lab
FAIAGCBI       - Hot Pants

    _Pandemonium II (пароли к уровням)_

  1     omaaebia
  2     naabebai
  3     enaiakbi
  4     peiaibba
  5     kfcacice
  6     aficbaim
  7     ngiaibjj
  8     ehiiakac
  9     niiaibkb
 10     ahicbaje
 11     locacmgi
 12     kacaciim
 13     oaiaidlb
 14     eliiaodc
 15     oeiaielj
 16     ogiajeeb
 17     ahmcbcmd
 18     ajecbdef

    _Pharaon (коды)_

Найдите файл Pharaoh_Model_Normal.txt, для чего можно воспользоваться
стандартным поиском. Кликните на нем правой кнопкой мыши и выберите
"Свойства" (Properties), где снимите с него атрибут Read-Only. Откройте
означенный файл в Notepad'e, и, после прочтения прилагаемых инструкций,
измените в нем все, что сочтете нужным.


Нажмите  [Ctrl|+[Alt]+(Shift]+C, после чего набирать следующие строчки:

Pharaohs Tomb -  автоматически выигрываете миссию и переходите на следующую
 Fury of Seth - некий Seth очень нервничает и уничтожает все военные корабли
 Treasure Chest - городская казна увеличивается на 1000
 mockattackl - враг нападает на вас с суши
mockattack2 - враг атакует вас с моря
Pharaohs Glory - объем товаров, которые город может экспортировать, будет с
каждым годом возрастать на 50%
Bird of Prey - торговые партнеры города в течение года сокращают объем
Supreme Craftsman - Storage Yard может быть заполнен объемом, превышающим  его
Typhonian Relief - защита солдат, ведущих боевые действия на отдаленных
Seth Strikes - уничтожение городского форта
Kitty Litter - город поражает чума

    _Populous III: The Begining (коды)_

Hold down the Tab key and press F11
to enter the chat screen, then type BYRNE to enable
cheat codes. Press and hold the following keys together:

 Cheat Code    Result

Tab-F3   gives all spells
Tab-F4   gives all buildings
Tab-F5   gives full manna

    _Prince of Persia (коды)_

Write in paramstr:
   X:\...\Prince.exe megahit
   X:\...\      .exe megahite
I don't remember what of this is correct. After this you can press in the
 Key         What it is doing
 Shift+T     Live
 K           Kill your enemy
 Shift+W     Long jump
 Shift+L     Next level
 Shift+I     Rotate map
 + (Gray)    Add time
 - (-//-)    Sub time
.......................................(Here can to by your experiment)


    _Quake I (коды)_

To use these codes, just type them in at the console.
(Press the ~ key to get to the console)
GOD             God Mode
NOCLIP          No Clipping Mode
IMPULSE 9       All Weapons and Keys
IMPULSE 255     Quad Damage
GIVE #          Gives any # gun
GIVE R #        Get Rockets
GIVE N #        Get Nails
GIVE H #        Get Health
GIVE S #        Get Shells
GIVE C #        Get Cells
KILL            Suicide
FLY             Fly Mode
MAP E#M#        Level Warp
NOTARGET        Enemies Won't See You

    _Quake II (коды)_

Type in all cheats in the Quake II
console (use ~ key to bring it up).

Code                        Description
g_unlimited_ammo 999        Unlimited ammo.
give all                    All weapons, items and full ammo.
give adrenaline             Adrenaline.
give airstrike marker       AirStrike marker.
give ammo                   Full ammo.
give ammo pack              Ammo pack.
give ancient head           Ancient head.
give armor                  200 body armor.
give armor shard            Armor shard.
give bandolier              Bandolier.
give bfg10k                 BigFu*kingGun10k.
give blaster                Blaster.
give blue key               Blue key.
give body armor             +1 body armor.
give bullets                50 bullets.
give cells                  50 cells.
give chaingun               Chaingun.
give combat armor           Combat armor.
give commander's head       Commander's head.
give data cd                Data CD.
give data spinner           Data spinner.
give environment suit       Environment suit.
give grenade launcher       Grenade launcher.
give grenades               5 grenades.
give health                 100 health.
give jacket armor           Jacket armor.
give machinegun             Machinegun.
give power cube             Power cube.
give power shield           Power shield.
give pyramid key            Pyramid key.
give quad damage            Quad damage.
give railgun                Railgun.
give rebreather             Rebreather.
give red key                Red key.
give rocket launcher        Rocket launcher.
give rockets                5 rockets.
give security pass          Security pass.
give shells                 10 shells.
give shotgun                Shotgun.
give silencer               Silencer.
give slugs                  10 slugs.
give super shotgun          Super shotgun.
give weapons                All weapons.
god                         God mode.
noclip                      No clipping mode.
notarget                    Enemies won't see you.
sv_gravity ###              Sets gravity to ###.


    _Rail Road Tycoon II (коды)_

Railroad Tycoon 2

Press tab, then type the following codes:

oviagra - Makes cities grow faster
obigfootgold - Wins gold scenario
obigfootsilver - Wins silver scenario
obigfootbronze - Wins bronze scenario
obobo - Lose the scenario
oshow me the trains - All trains
oamd103 -  All trains are AMD103
oking of the hill - $100 million
ocattle futures - $1 million
opowerball - $100 for company
oslush fund - $1 million for company

    _Rainbow 6 (коды)_

To enter these codes, press " while playing
then type the desired code.

avatargod       - The character you control is invulnerable
teamgod         - God mode for entire team
bignoggin       - Big heads
meganoggin      - Huge heads
explore         - Disable victory conditions
turnpunchkick   - Flat players
5fingerdiscount - Ammo refill
clodhopper      - Big hands and feet
nobrainer       - Disable AI
debugkeys       - Debug mode
1-900           - Heavy breathing
stumpy          - Deforms characters
silentbutdeadly - You'll see

    _Rayman (коды)_

RAYLIVES       =      99 lives
RAYPOINT       =      5 energy points
RAYWIZ         =      10 additional tings
POWER          =      all abilities
GOLDFIST       =      golden fist
WINMAP         =      win the current level instantly

and if you hve less than three comtinues then press with the arrow
buttons: up, down, right left

The cheat codes may not work on some systems. Here are the alternate
cheat codes that gamers can use....

kom0ogdk        Five lives
trj8p           99 lives
86e40g91        10 Tings
en5gol2g        All powers
2x2rmfmf        Golden Fist power
o8feh           Skip to next level
4ctrepfj        Access to all six worlds
b76b7081        Access hidden Breakout game

    _Requiem: Aveging Angel (коды)_

Во время игры нажмите "enter"
csyhwh - режим бога
csguns - все оружие
cshost - режим полета
cs3dnow! -подержка K6 3D now!
cshalt - остановить время
csrosary - предметы
csshroud - полные броня и здоровье

    _Revenant (коды)_

Press [ENTER] then type:
NOTE: You cannot press [ENTER] while weapon is drawn.

alreadydead            Restore Full Health
potionsnlotions        Receive Many Potions
alchemy                999999 Gold
nahkranoth             Kill Monster With One Hit
noamnesia              Makes Character Level 30
lookunderthehood       Unknown Effect
abracadabra            Mana Never Decreases and Gives All Talismans
gimmesomegrub          Gives 5 of Each Food Type
debug                  Unknown Effect
dummies                Turn Off Monster AI

    _Re-volt (cars)_

После инсталляции игры найдите папку 'cars' и в ней войдите в любую папку
машинки, которой вы впоследствии будете играть. У каждой машины есть файл
parameters.txt, который можно редактировать. Поменяйте, напримет, значение
'TopSpeed' на все что угодно и ваша машинка будет ездить значительно быстрее
(или медленнее), чем остальные. Любые другие параметры также могут быть
изменены, так что можно от души поэкспериментировать.
Еще можно попробовать управлять НЛО. Для этого вместо своего имени наберите
URCO, после чего можете выбрать НЛО (UFO) и покататься на ней.

    _Rival Realms (коды)_

Hit [Enter] and type in the cheat code, then hit [Enter] again.

see all                 Reveals entire map
hide all                Shows only explored map
give me gold            Adds 1000 gold
give me wood            Adds 500 wood
give me food            Adds 100 food
make me invincible      All your units are invincible
make me vulnerable      Your units will be no more invincible
level <n>               Ends current mission and jump to mission #<n>
star me up              Raises experience levels for selected units
upgrade me              Makes all upgrades for selected units
heal me                 Restores all hit points for selected units
make me victorious      Ends current mission victorious
name: <str>             Changes the name of the selected unit to <str>

    _Rollcage (коды)_

These should be typed in at the Main Menu or
during a paused game..

 iamalazybastard ........... Toggle Debug Menu
 jackimflying .............. Toggle High Gravity
 bringmebackdowntoearth .... Toggle Gravity Normal
 bigandpink ................ Toggle Hard Difficulty
 flymetothemoon ............ Toggle Medium Gravity
 networkfun ................ Toggle Special Macros?
 givemescorpio ............. Toggle Scorpio League
 reflections ............... Toggle Mirror Mode
 trotters .................. Toggle Expert Difficulty
 givemetaurus .............. Toggle Taurus League
 wreckedonspeed ............ Toggle Slower Cars?
 billythewhizz ............. ???

Turbo Start
To get a turbo start, wait until the timer is just
about to say go (or the end of the 1) and hit your
accelerator. You should accelerate to a turbo speed.
This should help you most in "Time Attack"


    _Settlers II (коды)_

You must type in THUNDER to activate the cheats
[F7]: gives you the whole map and you can change the speed by holding the
key and press a
number between 1-6.

To enter cheat mode in this edition, type WINTER instead of THUNDER. All other
codes are the same

    _Shadow Company: Left for Dead

God Mode for Every Soldier:
Select the Soldier, press [ENTER] then type in DOLEMITE.

Other Codes:
Press [ENTER] then type:

Code                  Result
PAUL HANEY SEES ALL - Show All Enemy Soldiers
TOGGLE BOTTOMBAR    - Bottom Display On/Off
AUTOWIN!            - Instant Win

Access All Campaigns:
Press [ENTER] then type in SET_CAMPAIGN NAME (where NAME
is the name of the campaign as listed below).


    _Sims (коды)_

CD-KEY: 100486-585530-905808-0928

While playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C, then type the following codes:

Code                    Result
klapaucius              $1000 Simoleons
water_tool              Make your home an island surrounded by water
set_hour #              Change time of day to # (1-24)
sim_speed #             Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000)
interests               View personality and interests of your Sims
autonomy #              Change how Sims think on their own (1-100)
grow_grass #            Grow grass # (1-150)
map_edit on/off         Edit the map
route_balloons on/off   Basic tutorial on/off
sweep on/off            Shows ticks of the game
tile_info on/off        Show or hide tile info
log_mask                Set event logging mask
draw_all_frames on/off  Draw all frames on and off
history                 Dumps family history file
edit_char               Open Create-A-Character screen
draw_floorable on/off   Floorable grid
draw_routes on/off      Selected person's path displayed

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